How Women can Find Success & Thrive in the Event Management Industry?



While most industries today have largely evolved to level playing fields for both men and women, there still exists a certain bias against women and the larger need for them to prove their capabilities as successful professionals. What with event manager & coordinator profiles clocking in as the fifth most stressful job in the world, it certainly takes a lot for both genders to carve a niche for themselves in event industry.

Having said that, your professional success eventually does zero down on your experience, dexterity & skill set – both inborn and acquired. Albeit there exists no specific rulebook to success in the event management playground, here are some useful and pro-active measures that can help women conquer the highest pedestal in event management & planning.

β˜‘ #1 Ability to Work Under Pressure
When on-the-ground action needs to be managed real-time, not everything may go as planned. In such situations, all decisions, whether big or small, need to be taken at the spur of the moment. A leader who possesses the ability to stay calm through adversities and call the shots confidently will find success in event management. Women generally possess the intrinsic ability of multi-tasking and working under pressure. Channelizing this the right way can make them great event planners.

β˜‘ #2 Creating a Strong Dependency Matrix
Every successful leader has an entourage backing them behind the scene. Not only for women event managers but also male ones, it is critical to construct a strong team that brings to the table a wide range of strengths and ideas. Furthermore, draw out inter-dependencies within and outside of teams to make sure their strengths and drawbacks complement each other. Remember, delegation is critical for tasks that involve many elements. Make sure you create a team that makes the authority-responsibility relationship work for you.

β˜‘ #3 Walking the Talk
It isn’t sufficient that you carry within yourself all the skills and knowledge required to win at the event management game. It is imperative that you flaunt these skills and look the part. This may include various facets such as power dressing, employing industry jargons and keywords in your parlance and staying updated with news and emerging trends in event management. The biggest endorsement for your business is your behavior and mannerisms, so play it to your advantage.

β˜‘ #4 Ability to be Creative & Think on Your Feet
Creativity is a key requisite of successful event managers. From ideating and visualizing logistics, dΓ©cor, floor space, attendees experiences etc to communicating the same in an attractive manner, creativity is a big win for event managers. Not only does this skill come into play pre-event, but it is also extremely handy in dealing with real-time errors and slippages on the big day.

β˜‘ #5 Strong Networking Capabilities
The event management business is such that it requires you to put yourself out there and market yourself. You must bag a minimum of three leads for every business conference you attend or successful event you conclude. additionally, talk about your business even in social set-ups, social media and with your peers to spread awareness of your capabilities and past endeavors. Put into practice the famous saying – Overcome the Stigma of Self-Marketing.

β˜‘ #5 Personnel Management
Inculcate the fine art of dealing with people, motivating them and getting them to perform at their maximum capabilities. This will involve establishing a connection with them that goes beyond a superior-subordinate relationship. Get them to identify with the organization and stay personally vested in the overall success of the event. Establish a strong rewards system for jobs well done.

β˜‘ #5 Strong Supplier Network
Your success comes down to the numbers. This works two ways – increasing top-line by bagging more engagements and boosting bottom-line by decreasing operating costs. The latter can be achieved by leveraging economies of scale, optimal logistics and ordering supplies from trusted and reliable suppliers. Establish strong relationships with your supplier network and benefit from optimal cost structures. Women are lauded for their budgetary skills and monetary planning. Extend these skills to your events’ management as well.

If you wish to have a career in event management and planning industry, these qualities are sure to take you a long way in your professional endeavors.