The 10 Best Event Management Software for Nonprofits {2023}



If you are a nonprofit, events are an integral part of your fundraising efforts and work. But event management can be challenging, especially if it’s for a nonprofit. There are so many variables to take care of that it can get overwhelming for organizers. And that’s where the event management software for nonprofits come in to solve this dilemma:

Event management software is more than just a booking tool. There are numerous benefits that come with it, including online event registration and CRM, abstract submissions and review system, guest management tools, event scheduling software, reporting and analytics tools. When it comes to picking the best event management software for your nonprofit, you want to make sure the software will provide the power and functionality necessary to help your organization run smoothly.

These are the 10 best event management software for nonprofits which can help you manage your event from start to finish and provide valuable insights on the performance and ROI of each event.

1. Lumaverse

Lumaverse is a perfect companion to host a successful event. It provides an all-in-one solution to common event management problems.


🎯Key Features
β˜‘ Marketing tools to promote the fundraising event
β˜‘ Seamless integration with other third-party event management software
β˜‘ Built-in ticketing tools
β˜‘ Registration tools with multiple add-ons like sponsorship levels and sell ups
β˜‘ Scheduling tools for effective volunteer management

πŸ’° Pricing
The pricing depends upon the number of event attendees. For nonprofits, the plan starts from $100 a month. This event management software for nonprofits ensures the successful hosting of any event, particularly fundraising events.

2. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is much more than simple event management software. It’s top-rated event management plus membership management software.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
β˜‘ Website creation with online forms and ticketing system
β˜‘ Searchable contact database
β˜‘ A professional emailing system with well-crafted templates
β˜‘ The app version enables event registration via mobile
β˜‘ Safe cloud storage of all the members’ and volunteers’ data

πŸ’° Pricing
There’s a free version with limited features. Paid plans start from $48/month all the way up to $720/month. Over 32,000 organizations are using Wild Apricot to host successful events. And that level of trust speaks for the platform’s reliability.

3. Aventri

Aventri is an online event management platform that allows you to successfully host virtual, physical, and hybrid events.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
β˜‘ A complete online registration solution
β˜‘ For virtual events, it promotes networking by connecting like-minded people
β˜‘ Monitoring of the key metrics that boost the impact of your event
β˜‘ Seamless integration with software like SalesForce, Pathable, etc.
β˜‘ Contains a set of promotional tools to boost the reach of your event

πŸ’° Pricing
Connect with the Sales to enquire about the plans and pricing. With this platform, you can keep track of registrations and attendees. You can also analyze the event report after its completion.

4. Accelevents

If you prefer to add a ticketing option, this event management software for nonprofits is the right fit for you.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
β˜‘ Setup online ticketing system
β˜‘ Customize your event’s landing page
β˜‘ Collect attendees’ information
β˜‘ Monitor real-time data to assess the performance of your event
β˜‘ Engage your audience via gamification and bidding features

πŸ’° Pricing
They have a starter and professional plans. The starter package, limited to an event or two, costs around $500/event. The professional plan offers unlimited events for $5000.

Accelevents is a must-have application to manage almost every aspect of your virtual event effectively.

5. Doubleknot

Doubleknot is another event management software for nonprofits looking for a ticketing solution. Compared to Accelevents, Doubleknot is a specialized ticketing platform.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
β˜‘ Create customized registration forms
β˜‘ Embed the ticketing system in the registration form
β˜‘ Securely process the payments both online and offline
β˜‘ Create a separate email list of the attendees for future updates and newsletters
β˜‘ Analyze comprehensive reports of variables like attendance tracking, due payments, and more

πŸ’° Pricing
To craft a personalized plan for your nonprofit organization, request a demo here. Doubleknot offers a complete solution to the ticketing problem, especially secure payment processing.

6. CharityEngine

CharityEngine is an all-in-one event management software for nonprofits. It’s primarily concerned with peer-to-peer fundraising, but it also has a built-in ticketing and registration feature.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
β˜‘ Manages donations and helps in streamlining the fundraising process
β˜‘ Ensures secure funds transfer by preventing fraudulent testing of credit cards
β˜‘ Helps you keep track of the donors
β˜‘ Generates reports based on the data gathered from fundraising, which can provide valuable insights
β˜‘ A one-stop CRM solution

πŸ’° Pricing
The standard plan starts from $350-$700. Other than that, you can opt for customized pricing based on your needs. With CharityEngine, you can easily manage your donors without needing to use any other platform.

7. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a cloud-based event management software that empowers nonprofits to host all sorts of events like conferences, seminars, shows, etc.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
β˜‘ Contains a complete package with event management, registration, ticketing, and payment processing features
β˜‘ Offers a lot of customization options related to ticket pricing
β˜‘ Helps in keeping track of attendees
β˜‘ Allows customized registration page creation
β˜‘ Shows real-time analysis of the event’s proceedings

πŸ’° Pricing
Eventbrite has a unique pricing policy. You pay a set percentage when ticket sales are made. And that percentage varies according to your plan. All the listed features will guarantee success for your nonprofits’ next event.

8. Whova

Whova is an award-winning event management platform. It provides essential tools to nonprofits for hosting successful events.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
β˜‘ An effective online registration and marketing system
β˜‘ Easy webpage creation for speakers
β˜‘ Interactive module that includes live polling and social wall features
β˜‘ Event badge creation and attendance management system to keep track of all the attendees
β˜‘ Integration with other event management platforms, like Eventbrite

πŸ’° Pricing
They charge on a per-event basis. Whova is an event platform trusted by top brands around the world. Even the UN relies on Whova to host some of its events.

9. Cvent

It’s a publicly held event management software that has a network of over 4000 employees. It offers software solutions for, in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
Enables online event registration and venue sourcing

β˜‘ It helps with budget management and payment processing
β˜‘ With its Attendee Hub, host engaging and interactive events for your audience.
β˜‘ Create high quality content using the built-in Cvent Studio
β˜‘ Create event-based reports using built-in reporting feature with the export option

πŸ’° Pricing
Cvent also charges on a per-event basis. Due to its extensive features and user-friendly interface, it has gained the trust of 200,000+ active users.

10. Swoogo

Swoogo is the easiest to use event management software that allows room for a lot of customizations and flexibility.

Event management software

🎯Key Features
β˜‘ It accommodates all sorts of events, be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid
β˜‘ Drag-and-drop builder allows you to create registration web pages
β˜‘ Packed with a lot of marketing tools to boost your event’s reach
β˜‘ An effective attendee management system.
β˜‘ Swoogo Analytics offers valuable insights on your attendee’s participation level

πŸ’° Pricing
Their pricing is based on the number of people in your team. Three users plan costs $15,000. For a team of more than 8, customized plans are available. With Swoogo, event management will be a piece of cake. Because an award-winning tech support team would guide you all along the way.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to event management software, there are many options out there. Nonprofit organizations can determine which software is best for their organization with the use of these guidelines. Focusing on which companies have the most robust and easy-to-use software that nonprofits can afford is an important first step in finding the right solution. Some are more specialized in their offerings, while others offer a complete, all-in-one package.