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One Platform for Everything your Event needs
From online ticketing to abstract submissions to event promotion, Dryfta has it all to make your event successful & profitable!

Boost Revenue for your Events with Advanced Ticketing Software

  • Create registration tickets, memberships, workshop tickets, sponsorship packages and donation items.
  • Collect registration fees and sponsorship payments online, whether it’s through credit cards or offline payment methods. Enjoy the convenience of payments instantly credited to your merchant account. Find out how
  • Capture comprehensive attendee information during registration, including file uploads, ensuring you have all the details you need.
  • Experience the simplicity of our user-friendly backend, empowering you to efficiently manage orders, invoices, and purchase orders.
  • Maximize your revenue potential by leveraging our event marketing tools, allowing you to sell more event tickets.
  • Dedicated event CRM to manage attendees effectively, and view their entire lifecycle and activities within your event.

Replaces: Eventbrite, WordPress, Cvent

Drive revenue with a powerful & flexible ticketing software

Event Registration & Ticketing

Transform Abstract Submissions and Review Process for Conferences

  • Simplified Workflow: Easily handle simple and complex submission workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most – curating exceptional events.
  • Customizable Submission Forms: Enjoy the flexibility of a fully customizable, clean, and concise abstract and review submission forms. Tailor it to suit your conference’s unique requirements while maintaining a user-friendly experience for both authors and reviewers.
  • Intelligent Reviewer Assignments: Utilize automated assignment settings or take full control with the manual assignment tool. Match abstracts to the most suitable reviewers, saving you time and ensuring quality feedback.
  • Author Self-Service Dashboard: Empower authors with a comprehensive self-service dashboard, enabling them to submit abstracts, manage submissions, update registration details, and more – all in one centralized location.
  • Automated Communications: Keep authors informed at every step with our automated notifications. Whether it’s registration confirmation, abstract submission updates, or important deadlines, our system ensures authors stay connected and engaged.
  • Easy Abstract Search and Discovery: Easily access a web-based, searchable index of abstracts and papers, allowing participants to swiftly navigate through the abstract repository by title, type, topic, author names, and keywords.

Replaces: Easychair, Openconf, Cvent

Effortlessly manage abstracts and proposals for events

Abstract Management System

Maximize Attendance at Events with our Virtual Events Toolkit

  • Interactive in-browser virtual meetings with an unbeatable 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Monetize your virtual events by selling tickets to online live meetings and pre-recorded videos.
  • Enterprise-grade, high-definition livestream & pre-recorded sessions for a seamless experience.
  • Promote engagement with private messaging, group live chat, private & group video calls, and exciting gamification tools.
  • Market virtual events effectively with automated email campaigns, push notifications, and text messages.
  • Maximize sponsor ROI through our powerful sponsor engagement platform.

Replaces: Zoom, Google Meet, Cvent

Elevate your events with our virtual event toolkit

Virtual Event Toolkit

Effortless Event Scheduling and Speaker Management for Event Organizers

  • Automate Event Scheduling: Say goodbye to manual scheduling headaches. Our software generates schedules automatically, intelligently populating them with accepted talks, saving you time and effort.
  • User-friendly Interface: Provide your attendees with all the essential details they need. Display downloadable presentation files, moderators, speakers, and attendees in an easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Empower Speakers and Moderators: Delegate tasks eg. uploading slides, editing session information, adding sub-sessions and more, and let your speakers and moderators take charge of their sessions. Our intuitive platform allows them to manage their respective sessions on their own.
  • Drive Attendee Engagement: Foster active participation and vibrant discussions among attendees using our interactive tools. From live polls and Q&A sessions to real-time chat, our platform keeps attendees engaged and invested in each session.
  • Automated Continuing Education (CE) Credits: Award CE credits to participants easily & efficiently. Our software seamlessly integrates with your check-in system, automatically assigning CE credits to participants who have attended relevant sessions.

Replaces: Sched, Whova, Cvent

Streamline your events with automated event scheduling

Event Scheduling

Amplify Your Event’s Visibility with Our Cutting-Edge Event Promotion Platform

  • Effortless Event Promotion: With just one click, submit your event to over 100+ high-traffic listing sites. No more wasting time on manual submissions.
  • Tailored Promotion Strategies: Choose from a curated selection of event publishers that align perfectly with your target audience and event theme. Our platform empowers you to handpick the listing websites that will generate the highest engagement and attendance for your event.
  • Real-time Performance Insights: Stay in control and monitor the progress of your event promotion campaign with our intuitive dashboard. Gain instant access to detailed statistics on pageviews and clicks. Make data-driven decisions, fine-tune your strategy, and optimize your event’s success.
  • Budget-Friendly Promotion Platform: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. That’s why our event promotion service is designed to fit any budget, allowing you to allocate your resources wisely while reaching an extensive network of over 100 event listing websites and calendars.

Replaces: Evvnt

Maximize the visibility with our powerful event promotion platform

Event promotion platform | EventBoost

Enhance Events with Native Event Apps for Smooth Attendee Interactions

  • Promote Attendee Engagement: Break down barriers and amplify interactions. Our app facilitates effortless communication between organizers, speakers, and attendees, empowering meaningful interactions that extend beyond the event itself.
  • Unleash Networking Potential: Forge connections that ignite event success. Our app promotes networking and collaboration among attendees, creating an environment that nurtures long-lasting relationships and sparks exciting career opportunities.
  • Easy Access to Essential Information: Empower attendees with instant event access. Our app provides a user-friendly interface that grants easy access to event information, schedules, and speaker profiles, ensuring everyone stays in the know at all times.
  • Sustainable and Cost-efficient: Embrace the future of event management. Our app champions sustainability by reducing the need for printed materials, contributing to a greener world while also delivering cost efficiencies for organizers.
  • Stay Informed in Real-time: Never miss a beat. Our app delivers real-time updates and push notifications, keeping attendees informed about schedule changes, announcements, and exclusive opportunities, ensuring a truly immersive event experience.

Replaces: Eventmobi, Cvent

Unlock the full potential of your events with our event apps

Event apps

Track, Analyze, and Optimize Your Event Performance in Real-Time

  • Monitor and evaluate the success of your event in real-time with precision.
  • Generate reports by applying various filters across different event data types.
  • Easily share your reports with vendors and stakeholders using a single, convenient link.
  • Get a snapshot of your event‘s performance at a glance, keeping you informed in real-time.
  • Enhance attendee engagement by sending personalized emails to specific registrant segments.

Learn more about event insights

Event insights



New Updates

  • New updates to Discount Manager: Flexibility and Control
  • Enhanced Ticket Layout for Improved User Accessibility
  • Introducing Dedicated Reminder Tools for Abstract & Review Management
  • AI-Powered Quality Checks & Plagiarism Detection for Abstracts
  • Resolve Attendee Issues Faster with New Impersonation Tool in Event CRM