Attendee Matchmaking Tool

Matchmaking tool helps attendees find other attendees with similar interests.

During registration, attendee would choose his/her interests.

Admin can manage (add/edit/delete) interests using form builder tool.

  • attendees can make changes to their chosen interests from the update profile page
  • matchmaking tool would match attendees with similar interests and recommend them to user
  • matchmaking tool is accessible from the website, mobile website and the Dryfta event apps

Matchmaking tool helps attendees engage with attendees with similar interests.

  • more targeted matchmaking means more engagement
  • displays interests for each profile which are matched with the attendee’s interests
  • attendee can click on the user’s profile to view attendee details

To engage with a matched attendee, user can request connection and setup a meeting.

  • attendee can view details of the matched attendee
  • attendee details include the sessions he/she is attending, the company attendee works at and other details
  • send connection request to attendee. If accepted, user can view more details of the attendee including his/her phone number
  • user can set up meeting with attendee by choosing a time slot