The Ultimate Conference Planning Checklist For Nonprofits

Conference planning checklist


With time, you may realize that the execution of a nonprofit event requires significant planning, effort, and time. Turning to fundraise events is how nonprofit organizations raise a large sum of money to meet their financial goals. This process assists in generating a significant amount of money that contributes to meeting various beneficial causes.

Precise preparation and planning are most crucial for conducting a successful fundraising event. After taking thorough suggestions from professionals, we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you carry out the process with ease. These points of the conference planning checklist can assist you in planning an effective event.
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How Rising Inflation Impacts Events & Conferences

How inflation affects accommodation


What is inflation?

Inflation is the rising of prices and a decrease in the value of money. It can be caused by an imbalance between supply and demand or if people hoard their money rather than spend it. The U.S. economy has experienced a lot of inflation since the 1800s, making it harder for people to save and grow wealth.

One of the many consequences of rising inflation is a drop in conference attendance. With current inflation rates at their highest level since 2011, this phenomenon appears to be happening on a larger scale than ever before. In this blog post, you’ll learn about some of the direct impacts that inflation has on conferences and how you can mitigate the impact.

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Best Event Planning Tools for Nonprofits – the 2022 list



We researched the best event planning tools for 2022 based on their features list, popularity, verified reviews, user satisfaction and pricing.

The list includes the best tools available in the following categories: Project management; Event website; Email marketing; Venue search & planning; Social networks publishing; Abstract management; Event ticketing; Agenda management; Floor plan designer; Polls & surveys; Budget & expenses management




👍 Best Used For
Fully-integrated event management software for Abstract Management, Event Ticketing, Email Marketing, Event Website Builder and Guest Check-ins
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10 Ways To Prevent Burnout When Planning an Event



We all know that many factors need to be considered when planning an event. And, we also know that trying to figure out all these, along with the most minuscule details, can easily drive almost anyone into a wall. So, before you reach that breaking point while on your pursuit of the perfect event, here are 10 different ways you can alleviate stress and prevent a burnout while planning an event.

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5 Common Problems Event Planners Face



Event planning includes many different aspects, from picking out the right venue, organizing the catering, ensuring that that everything is coordinated, right down to the most minuscule detail and many other elaborate, important tasks. However, when managing all these at the same time, there will bound to be some slip-ups here and there and we are well aware of those things. Which is why we have decided to put together a list of five of the most common issues that are faced by event planners or managers when they plan for events, so that you don’t make the same mistake too. What are we waiting for, let’s dive right in!

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How To Find & Onboard The Right Speakers For Your Event



Most event organizers or hosts make the common mistake of chasing the biggest names in the industry to speak at their events. While this may pay off largely, it shouldn’t be the sole driving point to you finding your event the right speaker.

The mantra is to bag a speaker who has the ability to connect with audiences, compliments your event’s core ideas and brings ideas to the table that your audience can carry with them as important takeaways.

We’ve put together a comprehensive checklist to arrive at one such speaker for your upcoming event.

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