Event Website Builder

Build beautiful event websites with custom content, speaker profiles, event schedule, embedded forms, photos and videos.

Create Stunning Event Websites with Ease.

Take your event’s online presence to the next level with our event website builder. Effortlessly incorporate custom content, speaker bios, detailed event schedules, and interactive forms. Plus, enhance engagement with integrated photos and videos.


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Build beautiful event websites.

We also prepared a guide to building an event website. Check it out

  • create custom contents with visual editor
  • generate speaker profiles
  • build event schedule
  • galleries to upload photos, documents and videos.
  • sponsor lounges and exhibitor listings
  • write blog posts


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Event Website design

Create event agenda for your events and conferences.

Host virtual events with up to 50 parallel sessions and 500 interactive participants per session.

  • auto-populate accepted proposals into sessions
  • publish an interactive event schedule
  • Attendees can check-in to sessions and save sessions to their schedule
  • select speakers and moderators for each session
  • add videos and venue maps under each session


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Event schedule website

1-click cloning of your event website for future events

Saves all the precious time you would spend recreating the website from scratch

  • copy the whole event website or a specific setting
  • include registration and submission forms created in the previous event
  • automatically import contacts from previous event; enables participants to use same login credentials for all events


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Event website clone

Create website pages with your own multimedia contents.

You have complete control over your website content.

Easily add, edit and publish content about your event. You can create website pages with your own multimedia contents by adding text, photos and videos. With the option to display premium contents to selected user types only.

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event website content manager

Custom domain + SSL

Host your event on your own domain with a free SSL certificate to keep your event website secure.

Your event website is the single most important place to promote your event. If your event website has a branded domain and SSL certificate, you are more likely to get more visitors and generate higher leads.

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Event website with custom domain and SSL

Design event website as per your own branding needs.

One of the benefits of CSS Manager is its ability to generate code snippets and make changes to each one. This lets you design your website in a way that meets your branding needs. The tool also allows you to add extras like sliders, videos, and HTML tags so the design is not just limited to the basic text editor functions.

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Event website with CSS manager

Online Community for your participants.

Keep participants engaged pre-event, during the event and post event with an online community website.

  • create rooms for participants to discuss different topics
  • engage attendees in healthy, knowledge-producing discussions about your event
  • connect with other attendees by sending connection requests, set up a 1-to-1 meeting, instant private messaging
  • get notified when new comments and replies are made


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Online event community website

Upload photos, categorize them, add title & descriptions for each.

  • Option to display your photos to logged-in users only
  • create separate categories for your photos
  • batch upload photos to save time


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Event website with photo gallery

Add custom widgets on the website homepage.

  • add custom texts on the homepage
  • embed a newsletter subscription form
  • display a countdown timer, and anything which is embeddable.


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Event website with widget manager

Sell tickets, workshop tickets and memberships

Register attendees and collect registration fees online.

  • create unlimited ticket types
  • membership plans with plan renewals
  • secure online payment; with option to enable offline payment methods
  • access to real-time ticket sales insights


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Event ticketing website

Promote your events

Email Marketing + Discount Codes + Social Sharing + Free Event Listing

Use our smart marketing tools to boost traffic and ticket sales at your events using email campaigns, banners, social share buttons, coupon offers and more. Publish your events on our free event listing site.

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Event website promotion

More features

  • Option to customize your event website using HTML & CSS
  • Clone past event to the new event
  • Use your own custom domain (instead of Dryfta.com domain)
  • Structure the page navigation using configurable tabs/menus
  • Configurable custom contents
  • Speakers management – Set deadline, let speakers access their tasks from their dashboard and complete them, get notifications when a task is completed or speaker has posted an update etc
  • Create custom content pages with text and images and videos.
  • Generate PDF of each Day of the Programme
  • Agenda can display sessions in parallel tracks
  • Web site sharing on Social media
  • Documents manager to upload documents
  • Documents can be password protected and access controlled based on roles
  • Photos manager to upload multiple photos at once. Set public/private access.
  • Photos Slider widget to display photos in an interactive slider.
  • Mobile responsive event website. Cross-compatible on all mobile devices.
  • Videos manager to add Youtube videos. Set public/private access.
  • Integration with the event CRM (contacts)
  • Multi-lingual capability across the platform for major languages
  • Language management tool to allow admins to translate content and forms for each available language
  • Integrated with Google analytics
  • Social feeds to display your #hashtag feeds in real-time
  • Supports Chinese, Spanish characters
  • Set your own server time zone for your event platform and website