Redefine your Event with an All-in-One Event Platform

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University events always get held to a higher standard, and why shouldn’t they be? When universities host an event, conference, or seminar, the expectation is that the best minds on the topic at hand are coming together to discuss, learn, and teach.

So, when it comes to event management, the old ways of a spreadsheet and emails can quickly drag the flow of the event down.

Fortunately, there is a solution that is every bit as tech-savvy, responsive, and groundbreaking as the events you will manage.

Here is why you should implement an all-in-one event software into your conference management to redefine your capabilities.

All-Inclusive Event Platform

Instead of just creating a log of what needs to get done and having to update it manually, or worse, figure out how to input formulas, an All-in-One Event Management Software will integrate everything you need, all in one place.

With the right Event Management Software like Dryfta, you can:

  • Sell tickets online
  • Create event schedule
  • Manage your contacts and attendees all in one place
  • Hold interactive virtual meetings
  • Collect abstracts & reviews
  • Engage participants with private messaging & video calls
  • And more all in one place!
    The innovative software supports third-party apps and integrations to make your dashboard a one-stop information hub.

    Complete Event Scheduler

    Leave nothing to the imagination by creating a beautiful program schedule that you can post directly on the event website. This way, whenever there’s an inquiry about presenters, you and those with the questions can pull up the schedule. Now, you can discuss it together, in real-time, long before the day of the event.

    Use a Custom Domain

    Branding is every bit as important with academic events and conferences as it is for any other industry. Therefore, having a custom domain that allows for all these exciting innovations is sure to help your events stand out.

    Collect Abstracts & Assign for Review

    Prior to an academic event, many presenters may want to submit their abstracts for peer review prior to making their presentation. An All-in-One Event Software streamlines this process by collecting the abstracts and automatically assigning reviewers for submissions. Once the abstract has been reviewed, the software also automatically notifies the submitter.

    Virtual Events Capabilities

    With virtual events continuing to take over the academic event world, putting on a seamless virtual or hybrid event is critical to your success.


    An All-in-One Event Platform provides a complete ready-to-use toolkit that includes everything you need to make your next event virtual. From live meetings and webinars to attendee interaction tools and community engagement platforms, the right All-in-One Event Software helps you ensure your next virtual event runs flawlessly.

    For more information or to start managing your academic conference with the way of the future, contact Dryfta today!