Polls & Surveys Manager

Create survey forms, collect feedback from participants, and view detailed visual reports.

Create survey and feedback forms with unlimited number of questions.

Choose from up to 15 field types.

  • collect ratings from participants for multiple questions, create yes/no and multiple choice questions, and more
  • create multi-level, complex conditional questions which depend on the answer chosen for the first question
  • no limit on the number of survey forms and questions you can create
  • separate survey over multiple pages with different headings for each page
  • access list of participants who participated for each survey

Manage participants for each survey and export them to spreadsheet.

  • click on view participants button to access the participants list of a survey
  • view details of each participant including name and email address
  • browse through the answers submitted by each participant
  • search participants through multiple filters
  • export participants list to spreadsheet in a CSV format

View detailed graphical report of each survey.

  • find out how many have selected a given answer on a particular question
  • for each question, total percentage of participants who selected the respective answers are represented visually