Event CRM

The event CRM designed for nonprofits & universities to easily and efficiently manage speakers & attendees information and access their in-depth, real-time insights.

Manage speakers & attendees data in one place.

Manage your contacts, their information, tickets & submissions, along with preset email templates, documents management, and other features.

  • Edit information of multiple contacts at once
  • assign multiple roles and access level to contacts
  • enable public profiles of multiple contacts
  • access activity log of each contact
  • send bulk emails to multiple contacts at once
  • search and sort contacts by multiple filters
Event CRM

In-depth, real-time insights about your speakers & attendees.

Access registrant’s ticket purchases, invoices, abstracts submitted and session attendance.

  • view and edit contact’s information
  • access their activity log, and the notifications sent
  • view and download documents uploaded by the contact
  • assign tasks to speakers
  • view attendee’s tickets they have purchased
  • 1-click access to speakers’ submissions
CRM Contact Profile

State-of-the-art data processing tools make managing contacts easy & efficient.

Need to update multiple registrants’ information? Get our Bulk Edit tool.

  • select & edit multiple contacts’ information at once
  • choose data columns to display in the list view
  • save searches with filters and create them as tabs for easy access without the need to reuse filters
  • inline editing & file upload makes it easy to edit contacts data without the need to access each contact’s profile
  • export all contacts’ information into CSV or only selected contacts based on filters applied
  • merge duplicate contacts and preserve their data into one profile

Custom reporting & filters.

Filter your registrants using a combination of fields.

  • filter speakers and authors who have uploaded their presentations
  • apply filters to search contacts by their role, company name, usertype and more
  • export the filtered list of contacts into a CSV
  • send an email campaign to the filtered contacts eg., a reminder to speakers who did not upload their presentations
filter contacts in an event crm

One-to-one communication tools to send reminders and emails to attendees & speakers.

Customize email using pre-set templates and personalized shortcodes.

  • send private emails to individual contacts
  • create present email templates and save time from writing email for each contact.
  • use shortcodes to fetch contact’s information and make emails more personalized
  • view a log of all the emails sent to a specific contact
email campaign tool for event crm

Merge duplicate contacts & their associated data.

Dedicated contacts merging tool to merge duplicate contacts along with their information into a single contact profile.

  • 1-click contacts merging – search and select the duplicate contacts and click to merge them
  • merge contacts’ tickets, abstract submissions, custom roles, registration information and everything else.
  • no data loss as it copies all information from duplicate profile and dumps it into original profile of the contact
  • preserves all existing data in the original profile of the contact
merge contacts tool

More features

  • Enables creation of as many fields as needed
  • Merge duplicated contacts and associated data
  • Access Control System to create to allow access to different sections to users and staff
  • Enables all standard field validation (e.g. date, optional lists, free text, yes/no, ..)
  • Enables storage of contact photo as part of the contact details
  • Bulk edit multiple data/profiles in the Event CRM
  • Custom Filtering feature in Event CRM to filter and search contacts by fixed & custom fields and their values
  • Send Access Credentials to multiple contacts at once
  • Abstract tab to display all the abstracts submitted by the contact.
  • Enables advanced filtering of the targeted contacts
  • Contact’s log is updated automatically with information identified throughout the process
  • Enables organizing the contacts in groups and target lists
  • Contact list can be exported to excel
  • Contact information can be imported from excel
  • Contacts import from excel can be restricted to only certain users
  • Enables quick and advanced (several fields) filtering
  • Upload files for each contact (for official use only)
  • Organizations can be manually added/fetched from LinkedIn Company pages
  • Add notes for each contact
  • Filtered contacts can be inserted into a group
  • Assigned abstracts tab for reviewers to display reviews assigned to the reviewer
  • Fields to be displayed in the Contact detail can be limited by the user
  • Tickets tab displays tickets purchased by the contact or the tickets purchased for him/her by any other contact
  • Enables tracking of interactions with the contact (phone, e-mail): subject, author, description, date & time, call outcome; date&time to call again
  • Sessions tab display all the sessions a user has checked-in to.
  • Enables event specific fields (Tier, Registration likelihood, travel details, dietary info..)
  • Each change to contact info is tracked in “change log” and can be viewed
  • Email tab allows admin to send emails to the contact using customized templates and short codes.
  • Emails log saves all the emails sent to the contact
  • Take backups of your latest data