Send Automated SMS Notifications to Speakers about Upcoming Sessions

Need to make sure speakers are around when their session comes up during the event? Want attendees to fill up the seats prior to the session so you can assess if more seats need to be made available?

Stop worrying and set up automated SMS notifications. Dryfta’s automated SMS notification system notifies/reminds speakers and attendees about upcoming sessions. The SMS based notifications are sent to speaker’s registered phone number an hour before the session begins. This provides ample time to the speakers to reach the venue in time and do some final preparations for the session.


Since it also allows you to send automated notifications to attendees an hour prior to the session begins, you can be rest assured about seats filling up in time which would help you assess the demand for the session.
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Create Survey Forms and Let Attendees Participate

Need to create a simple pre-event poll? Or a complex questionnaire with dropdowns, multiple choice questions, comment boxes, conditional fields et al? We’ve got you covered.

Introducing Survey Manager. It lets you create any type of survey form – from simple to sophisticated – and makes it available to users to participate in the survey (comes with the option to allow only registered users to participate in a survey).

survey manager

As an admin in the backend, you can create surveys and multiple survey questions, view participants and their answers, view reports with numbers and charts viz. how many people chose what answer, which were the top choices, the least-selected choices etc.
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LinkedIn Company Pages is now integrated with Dryfta Organizations Manager


We have been working on this integration for some time now. Although, this is only the first version of the LinkedIn Company integration with Dryfta platform, we have laid out the basics. In future versions, we would be able to fetch real time news and updates from company pages. However, since this data is coming from a third-party, most of what is possible depends on LinkedIn’s policies related to its data use.

In our first LinkedIn company integration, we have created a tool to manage Organizations listings. Admins can add companies under Organizations tab and later use it to add contacts. Organizations also list the companies and organizations as added by users during registration. Each organization would have basic information including country and HQ location along with the complete list of contacts from that organization.
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G2Crowd adjudged Dryfta as a High Performer Event Management Platform for 2017


G2Crowd is a widely-known and highly respected decision making platform for software buyers. Their review platform leverages more than 150,000 independent and authenticated user reviews read by nearly 750,000 buyers each month bringing transparency to B2B buying.

Every year, G2Crowd releases a list of high performing platforms in each category by sifting through thousands of reviews, using their complex scoring methodologies. They apply a unique, patent-pending algorithm (v2.0) to this data to calculate the customer Satisfaction and Market Presence scores in real time.

This year, G2Crowd has adjudged Dryfta as a High Performing event management platform in Event management software category. According to their Scoring Grid, we’re among the top six event management platforms.

In terms of customer satisfaction, Dryfta beats everyone in the list with the highest Net Promoter Score (91) for any platform in the category. In fact, Dryfta has been named a High Performer based on receiving a high customer Satisfaction score.

Some numbers

100% of users have rated Dryfta 4 or 5 stars, 100% of users believe Dryfta is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Dryfta at a rate of 97%.

Have you used Dryfta? What do you think? Have suggestions on improving Dryfta? Send us an email at

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Agenda Conflict Management – View & Manage overlapping sessions in Program Agenda


Import your program sessions or add them manually using Quick add button to prepare your program schedule. Once your program schedule is ready, click on Conflicts button to view conflicts between sessions. Each session which is conflict with another session is listed there along with the reason for the conflict.

Conflict management system checks for conflict between venue and time and corresponding speakers. An admin has the option to resolve the conflict by changing the venue, or adjusting the time slot of the session in conflict.

Admin has the option to override conflicts and schedule the sessions as is. This would, however, displays different sessions in program schedule with same venues at the same time slot or same time slot at the same venue.

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Program Changelog – Track changes made to your program schedule


All the changes made to program agenda is now logged and displayed under Program Changelog. This helps admins know what changes are made when and by whom which brings accountability in the team.

The changes that are logged include changes in sessions, speakers, session notes, time slot changes, venue changes, format and track changes.
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Group tickets under different headings


Many event organizers using Dryfta have a lot of ticket types for their delegates to choose from. So, they would just create these ticket types and it would all display in the ticket purchase form. Most of the times, this results in confusion for delegates as to which ticket type is meant for what purpose.
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Abstract Submissions Progress Bar – Visual approach to managing your call for papers


We decided to add a progress bar in abstract management system to keep chairs and admins aware of where they are in the abstract submission process and what is next that is to be done.

This progress bar progressively displays the task that needs to be done in the abstract management system, marks completed tasks as done and keeps admin updated on the currently ongoing activity in the abstract submission system.

Starting from setting up abstract submission to collecting abstracts, assigning abstracts to reviewers and making decisions on the reviewed abstracts, it covers the whole aspect of abstract management and peer review.
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The Reason We Stopped Our Free Plan


Dryfta is an all-in-one event management platform for universities and non-profits. Until a few months ago, we had a free plan for event organizers to host events for up to 30 registrants. With access to all features. Without any time limitation on usage. It was a plain, simple free plan. Until we realized it wasnt. We were giving up too much for nothing.
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