Automated & Manual Assignments

Assign abstracts/proposals to multiple reviewers within minutes using automated assignment (with pre-defined criterias) and manual bulk assignment tools

Assign an abstract to multiple reviewers

Open an abstract and assign it to reviewers by simply selecting the reviewers from the list. Reviewers would receive an automated email notification with details of the assigned abstract.

Assign multiple abstracts to multiple reviewers

Simply select abstracts you want to assign and select reviewers to whom you want to assign these abstracts. Reviewers would receive a single email with the list of all abstracts assigned to them.

Let the system assign abstracts to reviewers automatically

Set criteria like number of reviewers to assign per abstract, number of abstracts to assign to each reviewer, match and assign by reviewers’ expertise among other settings and see your system assigning abstracts to reviewers in real-time.

Option for reviewers to bid on abstracts

Reviewers can bid on abstracts and mark abstracts with conflict of interest which would automatically remove those conflicted abstracts from reviewer’s dashboard.