Top 10 Task Management Tools for Event Planners



Being an event planner is no easy feat. From brainstorming event ideas, organizing guest lists, preparing for the events, managing registration, right up to setting up merchandise booth for keepsakes, almost everything falls in the lap of the event planner. And these subtasks are each equally crucial to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible, creating a beautiful, memorable experience for your guests.

With so many things on your plate, it’s only fair that you get some help. So here is a list of the top 10 management tools that can help event planners execute their events in style and efficiency.


#1 Trello

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How To Turn Your Passion For Event Planning Into A Career



Event planning is something that almost anyone is capable of doing. From meeting vendors, to figuring out the what the clients need, right up to the actual planning, picking out the venue and organizing everything to a T, there are lots of people out there that have a knack for it. Even if you’ve only had experience planning family gatherings or birthday parties, that itself is part of event planning.

But, many are in the dark about how to turn their passion for event management and planning into a full-fledged career. Although it’s not a bed of roses to be a great event planner, with a little bit of hard work and additional skills, you can make your passion a full-time career option. Here are some tips on how to follow your dreams and make a career out of your love for event planning.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Event Management Software



Event planning and execution can be a handful, especially if you do event management on a large scale and have to juggle working on two or three different events at the same time. And trust me, no one wants to be dealing with a ton of different spreadsheets, documents and any tasks that may fall through the cracks and cause your event to be incomplete.

Which is why event planners turned to technology for help and came up with an event management software. With an event management software, you’ll have all the things you need for your event planning and management rolled-into one i.e. no more hassle or missing details. Let’s go deeper into the reasons why you need to be using an event management software right now.

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How Women can Find Success & Thrive in the Event Management Industry?



While most industries today have largely evolved to level playing fields for both men and women, there still exists a certain bias against women and the larger need for them to prove their capabilities as successful professionals. What with event manager & coordinator profiles clocking in as the fifth most stressful job in the world, it certainly takes a lot for both genders to carve a niche for themselves in event industry.

Having said that, your professional success eventually does zero down on your experience, dexterity & skill set – both inborn and acquired. Albeit there exists no specific rulebook to success in the event management playground, here are some useful and pro-active measures that can help women conquer the highest pedestal in event management & planning.

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Why is Dryfta priced so low?

We regularly come across event planners asking this question about how Dryfta has so many features yet it is priced so low! Also, due to the fact that the average pricing of other event platforms, with a lot less features than Dryfta, is much higher, some event planners even find it too good to be true!

First and foremost, our primary mission was and will always be to help event planners engage attendees and produce new knowledge. To make it easy for them to do just that, we have made our event platform affordable. You ask how pricing Dryfta event platform low makes it easier for event planners to focus on attendee engagement?

Well, by not investing a large amount of money on an event platform, they are able to shift their focus from saving money, to engaging attendees and producing new knowledge. That’s how.

If our platform is priced so low, then how do we stay profitable? Well, thanks to our loyal bunch of returning customers and a steady flow of new customers, we are quite profitable and financially healthy and are able to maintain an all-round team of developers and designers who keep churning out new features, and a team of support staff for round the clock support. We just do not make ‘huge’ profits by charging exorbitant prices. That’s not what we do.

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