New Update: Send Conference Participation Certificates to Delegates



The problem
Some conferences offer participation certificates to attendees documenting their participation in the conference. Dryfta has a Certificate Builder tool to help organizers generate and print certificates and distribute it to the attendees. Attendees can also print certificates from the self-service dashboard.

However, what we didnt have until now, was the ability to send these certificates to attendees’ inbox so they can download and print the certificates on their own. Until now, organizers had to distribute certificates to attendees on their own, wasting time, volunteers and other resources.

How we arrived at this specific solution?
We already had a self-service dashboard for attendees to download and print their certificates. However, this still required attendees to go to the self-service dashboard first. If we remove this additional step, we would have to send the certificates directly to their inbox.

To achieve that, we implemented a Send Certificates button to send the certificates directly to the selected usertype’s (attendees, speakers, reviewers etc.) inbox.

Was the change really necessary?
Yes, it was a necessary change and was a requirement to our design principle of getting things done in the least number of clicks & resources.

How does it look like?
Here’s a video screenshot of how the new function works: