Streamlining Event Management and Enhancing User Experience with New Updates

New updates - Dryfta event platform for academia & nonprofits


In our relentless pursuit of improving event management, Dryfta is excited to introduce a series of updates designed to make life easier for organizers and more rewarding for attendees. These new features bring greater flexibility, efficiency, and clarity to various aspects of our platform, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for everyone involved.

New Updates

Clone Discount Codes Easily: A new “Copy” button beside each discount code in the Discount Code Manager allows organizers to quickly clone existing discount codes. This feature simplifies the creation of multiple discount codes with similar settings, saving time and effort.

Unique Session Links: Our program settings now generate unique, direct links to display sessions for each day, individual track, format, or tags on separate pages. This enhancement provides attendees with easy access to specific sessions, improving navigation and event planning.

Order Duplication: In the order detail view, we’ve added a “Copy Order” button that allows organizers to duplicate confirmed or canceled orders. This feature streamlines the process of managing repeat orders or rebooking canceled ones.

Changelog for Ticket Setup and Discount Codes: We’ve introduced a changelog in the Ticket Setup to record all addition and deletion activities related to ticket types. Additionally, a changelog for discount codes now tracks changes in discount amount, quantity, date, valid conditions, discount type, and more. These logs offer organizers a transparent and detailed record of modifications, enhancing accountability and tracking.

Bulk Check-In for Contacts: The bulk edit tool now includes an option to check in multiple contacts to one or multiple sessions simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for managing large groups and ensuring a smooth check-in process.

Editable Discount Codes: Organizers can now edit discount codes in the Discount Manager until they are used by any user. This flexibility allows for adjustments to be made in response to changing circumstances without affecting already used codes.

Bulk Edit for Automated Notifications: A new bulk edit function for automated notifications allows organizers to select and update multiple email notifications at once. This includes changes to the “From” name, “From” email, “Reply to” email, and notification status. This feature streamlines the management of communications, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Benefits of the New Updates

For Organizers:

Efficiency: Cloning discount codes and orders, as well as bulk editing functions, save valuable time and reduce repetitive tasks.

Flexibility: Editable discount codes and comprehensive changelogs offer greater control and transparency over event settings and modifications.

Improved Management: Unique session links and bulk check-in options streamline event planning and attendee management.

For Attendees:

Enhanced Navigation: Unique, direct session links provide easy access to specific event details, improving the overall experience.

Streamlined Processes: Efficient check-in procedures and clear discount applications enhance the attendee experience from start to finish.

These updates reflect our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the needs of our users. We are excited to see how these enhancements will help you create more efficient, engaging, and successful events with Dryfta.