Our story

We’re a team of young entrepreneurs and techies with a penchant for building intellectual properties in the internet domain.

Dryfta was one of our products we started developing in the early 2010. At that time, we had no less than five products we were working on concurrently. For a team of 15, it was too much on the plate. The outcome: A bunch of unstable, unusable products.

Why Dryfta

We wanted to correct our past mistakes. We lost focus about doing one complete product and instead tried to build all of them at once. Even though market and traction were good for almost all of our products, no product ever went beyond its MVP stage and we never got beyond our initial customer successes.

Therefore, we decided to bring the curtains down on all of them except Dryfta. We have built Dryfta with only one thing in mind: That is to make sure the event professionals have an all inclusive, user-friendly event management platform to manage their events and conferences.

How it started

Initially, we launched a prototype to assess organizers’ requirements and technology quotient in this domain. Much to our surprise, we got to host some major conferences from Imperial College, Montanuniversitat Leoben and Southampton University among others. This gave us the much needed push to go ahead with our original roadmap for the event platform.

Having always designed our products with a problem-centric approach, we scheduled meetings with the veteran event professionals and attended various event tech conferences to understand their pain points and what really needed solving. We, then, got back to the drawing board, redesigned the platform and after 10 months of rigorous hard work and numerous beta releases, the Dryfta event platform was launched.

Most impressive accomplishment

After building Dryfta, one thing which got to our senses was that focus is important. Had the focus was on developing one product and one product only, over the past years, it would have had been a completely different story.

So, the takeaway for us is to do one thing and do it good. This approach works every single time. With this approach, Steven P Jobs took Apple to the numero uno position. The lack of it was the reason they created The Google Graveyard

What keeps us going

Our mission is to make events & conferences more engaging and profitable, and help them become major knowledge producers. See our roadmap

What is with the name

Devising a name for our event management platform was pretty simple actually. You see, conferences produce knowledge. Every conference you go to, you learn something new, you stumble upon new findings & trends, and you acquire new knowledge.

Therefore, to name our platform, the first thing we needed to do was to find a verb, an activity which is the core of every conference. Well, at conferences, the most frequent activity we do, apart from scoffing biscuits and trying to look all pretty and suave, is we meet and we discuss. And out of those discussions, we produce new knowledge. So, the first idea was loud and clear. The verb should be discuss.

The second part of naming our event platform was to infer the language it should be in. Now, when it comes to discussing and rewarding new findings and achievements, it would not be unwise to say that it is Nobel prize which immediately comes to mind. In the contemporary world, the Nobel prize is the ultimate validation of someone’s profound knowledge. And Sweden is the country which gives out the Nobel prize. So, the second idea was loud and clear too. The verb had to be something Swedish!

Dryfta (pronounced Dree-f-ta) is the Swedish word for the English word, Discuss.