Got a University Event Coming Up? An All-in-One Event Platform Can Save You Time, Money and Headaches!

Event management platform


If you're the person in charge of planning events at your university, you know all too well how much time and energy it takes to pull off a successful event. And if you're not, then let me tell you: it's a lot of work! From finding venue space to coordinating with vendors and speakers and making sure everything runs smoothly on the day of an event, there are countless moving parts that need attention.

That's why many universities are turning to event management platforms—software that automates these tasks while also offering features like ticketing, registration management, abstract submission, event scheduling, email marketing and more—to help make things easier.

But what exactly is an event management platform? How do they work? Are they worth investing in? In this article we'll explore all of these questions so that next time one comes up at YOUR school (or college), you'll have the answers straightaway!

What is an all-in-one event platform?

An event management platform is a software tool that helps you plan, organize and execute events. It's an all-in-one solution for keeping track of everything involved in running an event: from planning to execution to post-event follow up. The best part? You can use it on any device—from your laptop or desktop computer to your smartphone.

It helps you keep track of tasks, manage budgets and communicate with attendees by allowing you to create specific folders for each detail of your event (like registration, location scouting, etc.). It also keeps track of who has been assigned what task so there’s no confusion about who’s doing what when it comes time for the big day!

The benefits of using an all in one event management platform for university events

When you don't have the time or skills to run a successful event, it's worth hiring an event management company. These companies will be able to help you reduce the cost and hassle of running any type of university event.

They'll also help you increase the numbers of people who attend these events, as well as increase their spend on food and drink. This means that your events will be more successful in terms of revenue raised for your college or university community, meaning it's win-win!

Student networking & social events

To set up a Facebook event, you first need to go to your page and click on the 'events' tab. From there, click on 'create event.'

You'll be asked for some basic information including when and where the event will be held, who is hosting it and any special requirements. Then, simply fill out all the details of each person who is invited to attend – you can use their email address or phone number (if they're in your contacts) or type them in manually.

Once that's done, click 'create event.' You'll then see an overview of all the details you've entered as well as how many people have accepted/declined your invitation so far. If someone has accepted but not yet confirmed their attendance by clicking on their RSVP button (they can do this right away), then they'll show up at the top of your guest list with an orange dot next to their name indicating that they haven't confirmed yet; if they haven't responded at all yet or declined, then they'll appear lower down with no icon next to them at all

Academic conferences

If you’re organizing an academic conference, an event management platform can help you manage the whole process.

  • Plan your academic conference with ease: Use the database to search for speakers and topics, then use the calendar to plan when each part of your event takes place. You can even add images of talks in progress or past events to give people an idea of what they can expect at yours.

  • Launch a call for papers: An event management platform will make it easy for colleagues from around the world to submit proposals for presentations at your next academic conference.

  • Create an agenda: Once all submissions are in, you can use an event management tool like Dryfta's event schedule builder to create one—and invite attendees with one click! It'll also let them know what time and location their presentation is taking place at so they don't miss anything important on that big day.

Alumni gatherings & fundraising events

Alumni events and fundraising efforts are common at universities throughout the country. With so many alumni in your network, it’s important to have a system for keeping track of their contact information and preferences. An event management platform can help you do just that.

You will be able to use the platform to keep track of all your alumni’s contact information, including addresses and phone numbers. This data can be used to personalize invites and make sure that you are reaching out only to those who would most likely want an invitation or attend an event.

The platform will also allow you to keep track of your alumni’s interests and activities so that you won't miss out on any opportunities for collaboration or partnership at any level with other organizations on campus or in the community."

Seminars and training opportunities

Seminars and training opportunities are a great venue for event management platforms. They’re also a great opportunity for you to use an event management platform because it can help you manage all the aspects of your seminar or training opportunity.

You can use an event management platform to:

  • Manage registration, payments and RSVPs;

  • Manage the schedule and venue;

  • Manage speaker information


Event management platforms are a great way to save money, time and headaches. They offer a lot of features that can help you get your event up and running quickly, including:

  • Easy-to-use interfaces

  • User-friendly design elements

  • Scalability (you'll never have to worry about upgrading)

  • Flexibility (you can add new features as needed)

Your event management platform can save you time, money and headaches. It will help your event run more smoothly by making it easier to set up, manage and update.

In summary, event management platforms are a great tool for university events. They allow you to manage your events in one place, so you can focus on other things. You can also save money by using them because they’re cheaper than hiring an agency or doing everything yourself. As we mentioned before, Dryfta is one example of an event management platform that works well with universities and colleges.