How to Create an Event Website

Event Website Builder


It’s easier than ever to create an event website. You’ll find several design templates and other tools available online to start building awareness of your event while providing an attractive destination that’s responsive and easy to navigate.

Before you can finalize your event website, several crucial factors must be considered if you want the site to communicate effectively with each visitor. Once you’ve secured the appropriate processes and tools for building your online presence, it helps to know how to use them appropriately.

This guide will take you through what you need when you want to know how to create an event website.
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10 Must-Have Tools to Promote your Event



Have you been stressed out because you have to arrange your debut event but have no idea how to get the word around? In that case, you need an event management tool to promote your event.

There are several steps to run a promotional campaign for your event. You need to capture leads, nurture them, convert them to attendees, create buzz around your event, set up a landing page online, promote on social media, put up tickets, and so much more. This can quickly get overwhelming.

Fortunately, technology has solutions to rescue you. An event management tool has all the necessary features to help you create an event, promote your event, track the performance of your promotional campaigns, register users, collect payments, and everything in between. Many tools often come with free versions for free events, cheap pricing plans, or commission-based pricing.

So, if you are ready to up the spark of your event with personalized and unique promotional campaigns, get started with these tools to promote your event.
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Strategies for Organizing a Virtual Conference

Virtual conference


Virtual conferences are a resource that grew in popularity when the COVID19 pandemic forced people and businesses into lockdowns and social distancing. However, as COVID-19 restrictions wind down and society and commerce start to open again, virtual events remain popular.

Many businesses report they will continue to use virtual events post-pandemic. One survey shows that virtual event marketing will be worth more than $500 billion by 2028.

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of virtual conferencing. They are safe, less prone to disruption, and have a broader reach than local events. With ever-increasing competition in the market, it only makes sense to take advantage of whatever tools are available, which should now include a quality virtual event platform to host your conference.
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Top 10 Popular Event CRM for Nonprofits {2022}



Charity donations are made in large numbers every year. For the US alone, the amount of donations is more than $298 billion. This huge number doesn’t come from one place. There are several donors or supporters who donate different amounts as a part of their philanthropic efforts.

As a nonprofit organization that runs on these donations, it is critical to be able to get the most charity amount for your firm through your fundraising efforts. However, managing campaigns for funds and hosting events for donors can be extremely hectic, with more tasks than you can handle. In this case, an event CRM for nonprofits can prove to be highly useful.

In today’s world, consider a CRM tool for nonprofits as a non-negotiable. With this tool, all the information on your donors will become centralized. You will be able to track the most philanthropic people and potential supporters on a custom dashboard. A CRM will help you send personalized messages to supporters and automate your marketing campaigns. You will be able to manage events on a single platform, such as automation of ticketing and scheduling VIP notices. Follow-ups, tracking the success of events for fundraising, and workflow automation will lead to growth and more donations for the nonprofit.

In keeping with that, here are the top 10 best event CRM for nonprofits you can integrate with your event management system today.

1. Salesforce

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The 10 Best Event Management Software for Nonprofits



If you are a nonprofit, events are an integral part of your fundraising efforts and work. But event management can be challenging, especially if it’s for a nonprofit. There are so many variables to take care of that it can get overwhelming for organizers. And that’s where the event management software for nonprofits come in to solve this dilemma:

Event management software is more than just a booking tool. There are numerous benefits that come with it, including online event registration and CRM, abstract submissions and review system, guest management tools, event scheduling software, reporting and analytics tools. When it comes to picking the best event management software for your nonprofit, you want to make sure the software will provide the power and functionality necessary to help your organization run smoothly.

These are the 10 best event management software for nonprofits which can help you manage your event from start to finish and provide valuable insights on the performance and ROI of each event.

1. Lumaverse

Lumaverse is a perfect companion to host a successful event. It provides an all-in-one solution to common event management problems.

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The Complete Hybrid Event Checklist

hybrid event checklist


Hybrid events deliver in-person and virtual formats to create interactive experiences for both audiences. Since you can host people locally while encouraging the entire world to attend, this option provides plenty of value to every stakeholder.

The best hybrid events provide high engagement and a broad reach while breaking down geographical barriers. When planned correctly, it’s possible to capture the energy of being together, even if some people are half a world away.

Even as people return to offices and more normal travel routines, the convenience of attending online events heightens the demand to create a hybrid approach.

Although the elements of planning hybrid events are similar to the traditional approach, some distinct differences also exist. That’s why it is crucial to review a thorough checklist when preparing for in-person and online audiences.
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