10 Reasons to Use an Event Management Platform to Save Time & Money



Let’s admit it, automating any process does dig deep into your pocket. There is also considerable time and effort involved in getting your programs, systems, and workforce to amalgamate with any platform to deliver quantifiable benefits that make the entire rigmarole worth your time. Having said that, once the foundations are laid is when the paybacks of your efforts begin to take shape.

The event management ecosystem is no different. There are tremendous benefits in terms of time management, manpower investment, reduction of the probability of error and overall output that your event can benefit from if you were to consider engaging an event management platform. In this article, we will touch upon various nuances and features of event management platforms that can help you break the profit ceiling.

☑ #1 Facilitating Easy Registrations
The first thing you would want is to inadvertently miss an important invite to a guest who can bring a whole lot of goodwill to your event. Manually managing the guest list is a sure-shot way to missed opportunities. Aside from that, it is time-consuming and throws open room for error all of which can be avoided by using an event management platform. Apps like Dryfta allows you to send a request to the attendee and by accepting it, they will be automatically enlisted for the event on your platform database. If yours is a paid event, you can create ticket types and multi-level registration fees and start collecting payments online. It really is that easy and takes just a few minutes to set up.

☑ #2 Event Timeline & Schedule
You don’t want your event team and volunteers to be skimping and scurrying with sheets of paper and handwritten additions to event schedules. This creates confusion and can cost you big in case some critical detail isn’t documented. Using an app such as Dryfta helps organizers make real-time changes and additions in program schedule and lets all members of the platform be able to personalize their schedule and access them comfortably from their smartphones on the go.

☑ #3 Boost Your E-mail Marketing Initiatives
With the help of an event management platform, you could leverage the benefits of pre-set e-mail campaigns, segment your target audience and shoot out directed, high-impact e-mails that are sure to get that attendees list swelling. What’s more, your campaign’s success can be measured through extensive campaign reporting helping you tweak what isn’t working. All of this and more can be achieved through Dryfta’s stellar platform, saving you that big chunk of digital marketing spends.

☑ #4 Budgeting
The tedious exercise of number-crunching is made easy on event management platforms. Using pre-configured categories, you can keep track of imminent expenses, advances paid and even refer to earlier budget to draw inferences. You could even throw up interesting visual graphics that help compare various budgets and plans. Check out how Dryfta excels at keeping your budget intact.

☑ #5 Abstract Management & Peer Reviews
Event management platforms make your abstract management extremely easy by way of several configurable options for metrics such as word limits, submission dates, maximum intake and automated author notifications. The review system is also simplified with features such as filtering abstracts for keywords, enabling double-blind reviews & open reviews, sending reviewers feedback (rebuttals) and a host of other handy functionalities. Dryfta is one of the most widely used platforms that make abstract management & peer review an absolute breeze.

☑ #6 Rich Database of Contacts & Contents
While excel sheets and documents may find their way into oblivion, a sturdy application or platform can work as a rich repository for you in terms of content, campaign collaterals and other critical information you used on your last event. This can come handy for the later events in laying the groundwork, giving you a head start and saving your time and money.

☑ #7 Publish Abstract Books
It can be a real tedious exercise to create and publish abstract books for your event. Thankfully, event management platforms come to the rescue by throwing open ready templates for back & front covers, keynote features from the chairman & dignitaries as well as optimal layout for abstracts to be published in the book. All of this can be done hands-on just with the click of a few buttons.

☑ #8 Sponsor Management
Just as guests and keynote speakers are important to an event, so are the sponsors that pump in the monetary fuel to give your event all the grandeur. You can use Drftya to display sponsors badges and digital profile coordinates on your event webpage with ready templates for design. Exhibitor management is also a handy feature that offers an individual dashboard for each exhibitor to manage their booth.

☑ #9 Measure Event Success
The job of a good event management platform isn’t over once the event is. Event apps and platforms throw up key insights on help useful metrics such as the number of guests who appeared, social media mentions, revenue generation, donation sources etc. Inferences from these metrics can help shape how you handle future events, thus reducing operating costs and boosting your bottom line.

☑ #10 Enhance Your Reputation
When you use event management apps like Dryfta, you bring in modern methods and technology into event management that reduces the probability of errors and boosts the overall success of your event. It leaves all the stakeholders such as sponsors, exhibitors, participants, speakers and volunteers with a good experience and increased the likelihood of future association.

These are enough reasons to engage a stellar event management platform right away and reap the many benefits of time & cost saving they offer.