Top 10 Ways to Increase your Event Appeal using Drones



Drones are the latest craze in the technology industry and there is no denying that everyone out there secretly wants to have a drone to secure the status symbols associated with drones. But, how do drones come into play when we’re in the event business?

As we already know, drones are a fairly versatile product of technology and with the latest ranges equipped with state-of-the art features, drones may just be the future of event management and planning. Here are just 10 of our favorite uses for drones in the events industry.

☑ #1 360° Aerial Photography

Drones nowadays come equipped with built-in cameras that can help you to capture images from your event in crisp and clear quality. If you have one of the older generation of drones, just strap a GoPro to it and voila!

☑ #2 Livestream Camera

Technology has allowed for the recent generation to come equipped with WiFi-connectivity and Bluetooth abilities. This allows you the freedom to livestream your event from any angle, straight onto the internet. Here’s an example

☑ #3 Security Monitor

With the capabilities to fit into the smallest areas, drones make great security and surveillance additions to your event. They are capable of filming even the smallest nooks and are more mobile compared to standard CCTV apparatus.

☑ #4 Officiating Gimmick

This is also another interesting use for drones. Drones have been increasingly used as event officiating devices. The most commonly used method is to get the drones to project a virtual, holographic fireworks display or ribbon cutting, from an aerial position.

☑ #5 Internet Hotspot

No event is complete without Internet coverage. These amazing devices make great mobile wireless transmitters and can provide a continuous wifi coverage to a much larger portion of your event guests, unlike static routers.

☑ #6 Data and File Transfer

You may have some additional presentation files or infographics that aids the progress of your events and instead of sending out a mass email, you can use drones as mobile data storage units for such materials. Your guests can then locate a drone and just download the files via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

☑ #7 Location and Maps

Some event venues can be humongous and it’s quite easy to get lost in the maze of passages and countless doors. These nifty little devices can help your guests find their way back by linking to any drone and accessing the map of your venue at any time they need it.

☑ #8 Mobile Detectors

Gone are the days of manual guest scanners. Drones can use x-rays and heatmaps to detect if any of your guests is carrying something dangerous or disallowed at your event. No more having to move those bulky body scanners about your venue.

☑ #9 Virtual Reality

This is another interesting ability of drones. They have virtual reality support and would be able to allow you to arrange for your presentations or speeches to be presented in 3D, virtual reality for a more close up experience at your events.

☑ #10 Drone Shows

These versatile Quadcopters also come with built in LED lighting, some even multicolored, allowing you to have an impromptu “laser show” or an aerial ballet sequence with a few drones in sync with each other.

Drones are the future of events and you better jump on that fast evolving bullet train if you want to keep up with the latest advancements in the field of event planning and management.

Have fun incorporating these few drone ideas for your next event!