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IMNHC 2023 marks the third major conference from Johns Hopkins University, with over 2,000 attendees, to utilize the Dryfta event platform. The ICFP 2022 and SBCC Summit 2022 are the other two comparable large-scale conferences co-organized by JHU and hosted on Dryfta.


JHPIEGO, an international health nonprofit affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, is a global force in healthcare initiatives focused on improving maternal and newborn health. Hosting the International Maternal and Newborn Health Conference (IMNHC) is a critical event for JHPIEGO, attracting healthcare experts, academicians, and enthusiasts globally. Prior to using Dryfta, the event faced intricate challenges, from abstract submission to attendee engagement, often relying on fragmented systems that lacked efficiency and cohesion.




Problem Statement and Objectives

JHPIEGO aimed to find an uncomplicated yet powerful event management solution to:

  • Efficiently manage abstract submissions and peer reviews.
  • Streamline the registration process and improve attendee retention.
  • Provide a real-time, dynamic event schedule.
  • Foster attendee engagement and real-time interactions.
  • Generate actionable data for ongoing and future event improvements.



Selection Process

Dryfta was chosen after a meticulous selection process that involved evaluating multiple platforms for feature richness, scalability, and user-friendliness. Dryfta emerged as the clear winner, offering a holistic solution tailored to meet the high demands of a large-scale, international conference.


Dryfta was integrated into JHPIEGO's existing workflows with minimal friction. The intuitive interface and robust documentation ensured that the staff got up to speed quickly, without affecting the ongoing event preparations.

Features Utilized

👉Event Registration: Facilitated quick and easy attendee registration, contributing to over half a million dollars in ticket sales.
👉Abstract submissions & peer review: Managed the massive volume of 2,722 abstracts and 4,000+ reviews with ease.
👉Interactive and searchable event schedule: Allowed real-time updates, a crucial feature for accommodating last-minute changes.
👉Event app & Private Messaging Tools: Fueled attendee engagement, as evidenced by the 2,000+ vCard requests sent.
👉Push Notifications: Kept attendees informed, ensuring they didn't miss key sessions or updates.
👉Custom Reporting: Generated actionable insights, helping organizers gauge event success and areas for improvement.
👉Participation Certificate and Badge Builder: Provided quick and customized credentials, enhancing the attendee experience.


Outcomes in numbers

2,722 Abstracts Efficiently Managed

The Abstract Management & Peer Review System by Dryfta proved to be invaluable for managing a staggering 2,722 abstract submissions.
🔥User Impact: The system's robustness allowed the organizers to sort, categorize, and manage these abstracts in a streamlined manner. The feature also allowed for automatic assignment of abstracts to relevant reviewers, thus saving valuable time and reducing the margin for error. This efficient handling ensured the academic rigor of the conference.

4,000+ Peer Reviews Seamlessly Completed

Dryfta's intuitive peer review system facilitated the completion of over 4,000 reviews.
🔥User Impact: Reviewers found the platform easy to navigate, which was crucial in handling the high volume of reviews. Automated notifications and reminders helped keep the review process on track. The streamlined operation added credibility to the conference and significantly reduced the administrative burden on the organizing team.

2,700+ Attendees and Speakers Actively Engaged

The conference had more than 2,700 attendees and speakers, all of whom actively participated in various sessions.
🔥User Impact: Dryfta's Event App and Private Messaging Tools facilitated this high level of engagement. Attendees could easily find and connect with like-minded individuals, contributing to a more interactive and fulfilling conference experience.

$500,000+ in Ticket Sales

Dryfta’s Event Registration and Ticketing Module played a pivotal role in achieving over half a million dollars in ticket sales.
🔥User Impact: The system's user-friendly interface and secure payment gateway encouraged more attendees to complete their ticket purchases. Special offers, discount codes, and ticket bundles were easily managed through the platform, driving additional sales.


More positive outcomes…

15,600 Session Check-ins

The Event Schedule Builder feature allowed attendees to check into 15,600 sessions, a testament to the system’s stability and ease of use.
🔥User Impact: This not only helped attendees in managing their time effectively but also provided real-time data to organizers for tracking session popularity and attendance.

24,990 Personal Schedules Updated

The ability to create and modify personal schedules was a standout feature for many attendees. A total of 24,990 sessions were added to personal schedules, indicating the feature's utility.
🔥User Impact: The real-time updates allowed attendees to make last-minute adjustments, contributing to a more personalized event experience.

2,000+ vCard Requests for Networking

Dryfta's networking capabilities shone through the 2,000+ vCard requests sent during the event. Attendees could request vCards to connect with speakers and other attendees, making networking more straightforward and effective.
🔥User Impact: This feature was particularly beneficial for professionals and academics looking to collaborate or share insights.

800+ Valuable Post-Event and Session-Specific Surveys

Feedback is vital for any event’s future success, and Dryfta made this process simple and efficient. The platform collected over 800 post-event and session-specific surveys.
🔥User Impact: These surveys provided organizers with valuable insights into what worked well and what areas might need improvement for future events.

Dryfta’s comprehensive toolset played an instrumental role in elevating IMNHC 2023 to new heights. It not only met but exceeded the initial objectives, proving itself as an invaluable asset for any event organizer seeking to streamline operations, enhance attendee experience, and achieve measurable success.

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