Abstract Management System

With Dryfta, your abstract submission management is a breeze. Collect proposals & talks, assign submissions to reviewers and make decisions on their acceptance. Save time with automated notifications for notifying authors & reviewers.

The full-service abstract management software built for academia.

Powering the online abstract management and review processes for universities & nonprofits.


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Dryfta helps you manage your abstract submission process from start to finish

Maximize abstract submissions by creating separate form for each submission type, setting due dates and managing a team of reviewers.

  • set deadlines for collecting abstract submissions
  • limit the number of co-authors allowed per submission
  • control submissions intake per submission type
  • create multiple submission types including individual & panel submissions
  • create separate set of custom fields for each submission type
  • allow multiple file uploads including pdf and mp4
  • enable automated or manual assignments
  • choose from single or double blind review process, and many more.
Submission settings

Manage and assign submitted abstracts & proposals

  • set abstract status to accept/reject and notify authors and co-authors automatically
  • export abstracts to CSV & PDF
  • filter abstracts by custom data points
  • sort by abstract rating and abstract status
Manage submissions

Automated or manual abstract assignments

  • set deadlines for submitting reviews
  • enable automated assignment to assign abstracts to reviewers on a random basis or by topic match
  • filter & assign multiple abstracts to multiple reviewers instantly using the manual Bulk Assignment tool
  • set a limit on how many abstracts can be assigned per reviewer and how many reviewers can be assigned per abstract
  • enable open review to allow reviewers to discuss an abstract (using built-in discussions platform) before reviewing
  • in-depth reporting to track abstract submissions, reviews submitted, authors & reviewers
Submission Types

Simplified abstracts and review submission forms

  • allow authors, whose abstracts have been accepted, to re-submit their abstracts
  • option to allow co-authors to edit abstracts
  • disable automated email notifications to co-authors on registration and abstract submission
  • enable/disable double blind review
  • view submitted abstracts in backend dashboard
abstract submission form

One dashboard for authors to submit & manage abstracts, update registration details, purchase tickets and more

  • display abstracts in author’s public profile
  • allow submitting author to choose multiple presenters for an abstract
  • enable final presentation file upload field for authors for accepted abstracts
  • option to collect conference-specific information along with abstract submission
  • pre-built & customizable email templates to communicate with authors & reviewers
self-service dashboard for authors

One dashboard for reviewers to review & manage the assigned abstracts

  • allow reviewers to re-submit reviews on accepted abstracts
  • create file upload fields for reviewers to upload supporting documents
  • enable rebuttal settings to let reviewers post feedback on abstracts and notify authors automatically
  • update abstracts status (accepted/rejected) and notify authors using Bulk Status Update
  • add multiple ratings & scales for better, in-depth reviewing
  • enable discussion tool to let reviewers discuss an abstract with other reviewers before submitting their reviews
Review submission dashboard

Conference proceedings – Publish abstract book in PDF & CSV formats

  • choose front and back cover for the abstract book.
  • option to add a background watermark on each page of the abstract book.
  • add messages and keynotes from chairman, organizing committee and other dignitaries.
  • choose abstracts (accepted, rejected or both) you want to publish in the abstract book.
  • select fields you want to display in abstract book for abstracts, authors and reviewers.
abstract book builder

Abstract grading & evaluation

Instead of a simple Thumbs Up/Down buttons, Dryfta lets reviewers evaluate abstracts with custom questions including ratings and file upload fields.

  • reviewers can rate abstracts on different criteria
  • customizable evaluation fields
  • on review submission, system calculates & generates the average rating of the reviewed abstract – which helps event chair in fast decision making
  • scales & ratings fields to rate abstracts on multiple criteria
abstract grading

Feedback management (rebuttal)

Reviewers can send feedback to authors during the evaluation process.

  • authors receive automated email notifications with reviewer’s feedback
  • to prevent disclosing any confidential information, replies sent by authors are first received and moderated by a committee member
  • on approval of the author’s reply, it is automatically sent to the reviewer
  • all feedback and replies are logged under abstract’s detail in admin backend
submission rebuttal

Collect payments on abstract submissions and for accepted abstracts

  • create tickets to be purchased by authors for submitting abstracts
  • authors can pay submission fees through credit card, purchase order or PayPal
  • filter through abstracts which are paid for
abstract payment

Fully customizable forms for abstract & review submissions

  • choose from various field types including inputbox, checkboxes, file upload fields, yes/no question, multi-select dropdown and more.
  • add conditional fields in the submission & review forms
  • set access control on fields for guest users and logged-in users
submission form builder

Import abstracts into Dryfta and Export latest abstract information

  • import tool to update & import the abstracts via CSV
  • export abstracts (in CSV format) to view it in a spreadsheet
  • option to download the abstracts and reviews in PDF format
  • create custom reports and share with external users through secure URL
  • sort & filter abstracts by types, topics and custom fields and download in CSV format
Import export submissions

Automated email notifications

  • authors are automatically notified by the system when they register, submit abstract or any other related activities
  • make decision on abstracts and let system notify authors automatically
  • customize automated notifications
  • customize invoice notifications sent to authors on making a payment
  • send bulk update to authors, submitters and reviewers
email notifications

Panel submissions – submit abstracts together

  • authors can group abstracts and submit them as preformed panels and symposiums
  • after organizer has submitted a panel intro, each speaker must then submit his/her own abstract
  • panel submissions can be reviewed and accepted as a whole unit with option to enable individual reviewing
  • if authors are unable to submit abstracts on their own, admins can add their abstracts to the panel from the backend
Import export submissions

Multi-tier abstract submissions

  • Enable multi-tier abstract submission to allow authors to submit abstracts and final presentations:
  • authors submit their abstracts; then, reviewers review the assigned abstracts.
  • The decision-making committee accepts the top-scoring abstracts and notifies the accepted authors to submit their final papers.
email notifications

Multi-stage reviews

  • split your review process into multiple stages eg., screening, focused review, followed by a final review
  • create review stages with separate deadlines
  • customize review questions as per the review stage
  • assign specific reviewers for each stage
  • view scores for abstracts in a review stage and move qualified abstracts to the next stage
Import export submissions

Searchable abstract archive with interactive posters

  • cloud-based, searchable index of abstracts and papers – by title, type, topic, author names, keywords
  • voting system to collect upvotes for poster awards
  • ‘like’ button to make it easy for visitors to favorite an abstract
  • live chat button under each poster to ask questions from presenters
  • browse presenters’ profiles, their associated sessions and the abstracts they have submitted
Import export submissions

Set a new standard for abstract submissions with AI-Powered quality checks

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, our system ensures the highest level of precision in detecting issues in abstract submissions. Say goodbye to human errors!
  • Grammar and Style Checks: Beyond simple spell-check, our AI scrutinizes your abstracts for grammatical accuracy and stylistic coherence, making sure your submissions are of the highest quality.
  • Instant Feedback: Receive immediate, actionable feedback right at the point of submission. This enables quick revisions, saving time and streamlining the review process.
  • Customizable Settings: Choose which fields to check for plagiarism, quality, and grammar. Tailor the quality checks to fit the specific needs of your event or publication.
AI-Powered quality checks

Cutting-edge Plagiarism Detection for abstract submissions

  • Real-Time Plagiarism Detection: Our AI-powered tool scans through millions of documents in seconds to identify plagiarized content. Protect the integrity of your submissions effortlessly.
  • Ensure Originality: Our state-of-the-art plagiarism detection tool scans every abstract submission for duplicate content across an extensive database of journals, articles, and publications. Submit with confidence, knowing that only original work will get through.
  • Streamline the Review Process: Cut down the time spent on manual plagiarism checks. Our tool automates the process, allowing you to focus on the quality and content of the submissions. The result is a faster, more efficient review cycle.
  • Customizable Fields: Choose which sections of the abstract to check for plagiarism, from the title and objectives to the methods and conclusions. Our flexible system allows you to tailor the scan according to your specific needs.
  • Robust Reporting: Receive detailed reports highlighting any plagiarized content, complete with source links for easy verification. Our tool ensures transparency and accountability at every step of the review process.
Plagiarism Detection

Additional features

  • Collect abstracts and session proposals with various abstract submission configurations
  • Set separate deadlines for each submission type
  • Abstract archive with option to display all or accepted abstracts with authors’ names, ratings and summary.
  • Abstract submissions & review reporting & analytics
  • Sort abstracts by number of reviews, ratings, authors, reviewers
  • Assign multiple abstracts to multiple reviewers
  • Author dashboard for authors to submit abstracts, manage personal program sessions, update profile
  • Auto save for all fields in the abstract submission form to prevent any loss of data
  • Display custom fields in co-author addition form
  • Admin-moderated communication between reviewers and authors for submission feedback (rebuttal)
  • Option for reviewers to upload a file in reviewer’s feedback form
  • Participation Certificate Builder to design and generate participation certificates for all attendees
  • Acceptance letter builder to create acceptance letter and send a cover letter and acceptance letter PDF to authors whose abstracts have been accepted
  • Automated notifications to speakers, authors, and reviewers
  • Twilio integration to send SMS notifications to attendees
  • Send mass SMSs to all or selected registrants at once
  • Public display of published abstracts with choice for authors to display/hide
  • Export abstracts into PDF and CSV formats
  • Generate a PDF listing all the reviews submitted by reviewers for an abstract
  • Generate a PDF listing all the abstracts assigned to the reviewer
  • Accept online payments, using credit cards, from authors for accepted abstracts
  • Collect online payments from authors for submitting abstracts. Authors then would not be able to submit abstracts until the payment is confirmed.
  • Option to allow submitting author to choose multiple presenters for an abstract
  • Option to disallow author from making updates to abstract once it is assigned for review
  • Option to allow author to revise their submissions if requested by the reviewer, even if the deadline has lapsed
  • Fetch accepted abstracts’ data to create program sessions automatically
  • Fields to create abstract submission form including PDF/Image upload, Multiple choice, Select boxes, Comments
  • Sort abstracts by topics, reviewers, authors, abstract status
  • Create & Publish abstract book with multiple fields & settings to choose from.
  • Customizable instructions for authors and reviewers for registration and submissions
  • Option to upload PDF, PPT, Docx, audio, video and zip files among other file formats
  • Automatic and manual assignment of papers to reviewers based on topics selected by the reviewers
  • Automated email notifications to authors, reviewers, admins for various actions performed on the platform
  • Option to make submission type as mandatory and hide “None” option under abstract settings.
  • Option to attach abstract PDF with the abstract submission confirmation email.
  • Reorder button in Abstract topics to change ordering of the abstract topics
  • Option to reorder fields for each submission type in abstract submission form
  • Option to send notification to reviewers when abstract is updated by author.
  • Option to display associated sessions in abstract archive
  • Option to set separate abstract intake for each submission type
  • Save & Submit Later button in Review Submission Form so reviewers can save reviews and submit them later.
  • Option to enable Voting on submitted abstracts if abstract public listing is enabled
  • Option to select usertypes to allow specific usertypes to be able to submit abstracts for given submission type.
  • Option to set maximum number of abstracts that can be submitted per author for each submission type.
  • Option to choose panel directors to whom the review submission notification should be sent.
  • Option to import abstracts from under abstract management system.
  • Option to choose and display link to download presentation files in abstract archive.
  • Ability to add multiple abstracts in a single submission when panel/roundtable type is selected for a submission type.
  • When an abstract in a panel is assigned to a reviewer, all other abstracts in the panel shall be assigned too, to that reviewer.