Ten Effective ways to Hire Competent Volunteers for your Event



Events aren’t a one-man show. They require immense involvement and dexterity of a large group of skilled individuals that come together to make it a success. More often than not, as event organizers, you may be in need of volunteers who work for you for non-monetary benefits. While such volunteers are certainly out there, getting them onboard may be a challenge. Fret not, here are ten ways you can get some fantastically talented and enthusiastic volunteers for your events.

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10 Safety Tips that are Critical to Event Success

event safety


Ensuring your event is in accordance with physical and cyber security requisites is critical to its success. Not only does a security breach at an event cause heavy financial losses, but it also creates room for speculation and loss of goodwill. You may have drawn out a security plan for your event – but is it really comprehensive? Here are some factors you must give due attention to when charting out your event’s security framework:
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How to Ensure your Event Sticks to the Timeline you Set Out for it?



Are you thinking to plan an event in no time? Do not forget to make the timeline a part of your planning. Timelines have a crucial role to play in Event Planning. You always have a risk of not meeting the deadlines, if not prepared a timeline well. Here are some tips to make an efficient timeline for your well-organized event.
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Dryfta Task Management Suite: Workflow for Speakers, Attendees and Admin Users


The ability to delegate tasks and getting them done right and on time is the key to a successful event. For easier and efficient task management, it is important to have a well-planned, task-by-task approach for volunteers and admin staff and be able to hold them accountable for their tasks that they have been assigned with.

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How to Organize an Event?

quick guide to event planning


Someone recently asked me how she should go about organizing an event. So I jotted down a quick list of things which I do to plan my own events and making sure my attendees go home happy, and I also get to have a decent ROI.

Here’re the most common things that I do every time I have to organize an event:
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