All you Need to Know About Event Data for Measuring ROI



Gone are the days when events were done just as a mere PR exercise. The current business epoch looks at events not just as affairs to put your brand “out there”, but as comprehensive business investments that throw up returns– not just monetarily, but in terms of digital footprint, leads generated, product knowledge, website traffic and a host of other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Budgets for all kinds of events, whether corporate, social or academic, are reaching unprecedented numbers. The most successful business invest 1.7x their marketing budget in live events. It’s only right then, that event organisers and businesses work together to channelize valuable data before, during and after the event to draw strong inferences and directives.

☑ Measuring your Real Return on Investment
Financial performance of your event can certainly be measured by quantifying ROI, that is squaring up expenses against income and collection. However, in the modern-day business scenario, ROI is not just monetary but also KPI-driven. Aside from actual hard money, we need holistically measure ROI with metrics that quantify every domain’s performance and success in an event. Let’s understand how.

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How to Run an Event on a Shoestring Budget?

Budget manager


Budgeting is one of the critical elements of event planning and coordination. Irrespective of the scale and nature of an event, getting your budget on point is imperative to ensuring your event pans out as planned.

Having said that, a bigger budget may not necessarily guarantee an effectively executed event. A successful event can very well be planned and executed impeccably even with an extremely restricted budget. Read on to know how.

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New & Improved Budget & Expenses Manager for Events

Budget & Expenses Manager was initially launched as a very basic budget management tool to add your individual expenses and calculate the total expenses.

However, after receiving feedback from our customers, we decided to develop this into a more complete and visually appealing budget management tool.

With this new update, Budget & Expenses Manager lets you set a target budget and add your expenses. It then calculates your profit/loss based on expenses and the target budget and also lets you know the balance due for each item.


Apart from providing an overall profit/loss overview, it also categorizes your budget and shows profit/loss for each category.

It also visualize your expenses in a nice-looking circle graph / pie chart showing the total percentage of the expenses each item has incurred.

You can export your latest expenses data anytime. To download your expenses, profit/loss and other details, go to Backups Manager and download your data in CSV format.

Let us know what you think of the new Budget & Expenses Manager in the comments below.