11 Best Event Planning Tools for Academia & Non-profits



We researched the best event planning tools for 2020 based on their features list, popularity, verified reviews, user satisfaction and pricing.

The list includes the best tools available in the following categories: Project management; Event website; Email marketing; Venue search & planning; Social networks publishing; Abstract management; Event ticketing; Agenda management; Floor plan designer; Polls & surveys; Budget & expenses management



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New features: Enable Open Discussion for Reviewers; Create Multiple Discussion Rooms



☑ Enable Open Discussion for Reviewers

In our last update, we added a discussion section for reviewers to discuss about an abstract before accepting/rejecting it. We have provided this a setting under Open Review settings to enable Discussions for assigned abstracts.

Under each assigned abstract, there is now an Open Discussion button. Reviewer would click on it to open the discussion room for the abstract and post comments and upload files along with the Reply button to reply to comments from other reviewers assigned to the abstract.

In the backend, under the abstract detail view, we have provided a discussion tab to display the comments posted by reviewers. There is a Reply button besides each comment to allow admins to reply to comments from within the backend.

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UMaine Student Symposium 2019 by University of Maine – A Case Study

Dryfta was a Godsend!

The research and creative activities of undergraduate and graduate students are showcased at the annual UMaine Student Symposium. This day-long event features the work of students from academic disciplines ranging from the sciences and engineering to arts and humanities.


Used Dryfta for: Collecting abstracts, Sending email campaigns, Assigning abstracts to reviewers & conducting Peer review, Creating Event website, Selling tickets through credit card payments, Program schedule building & management.

Here’s a quick interview with Tammy Crosby, Special Assistant to Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, about her experience with using Dryfta event platform for UMaine Student Symposium
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Abstract Management System that Checks all the Boxes



In a conference, among other things, one of the many important jobs of the chair committee is to launch the call for papers, collect proposals and abstracts, assign them to reviewers and manage each and every task involved in the abstract management workflow.

There are basically two workflows a conference organizer would choose from when opening a call for abstract submissions.

Manual abstract management : The manual process of collecting abstracts through email, then forwarding these emails to prospective reviewers who would eventually review these abstracts. Reviewers would then email these reviews to the track chair. Track chair sends an email requesting authors to revise the abstracts, if needed. Finally, the chair would make decision on the abstracts and send another email to convey authors of their decision. Authors would then confirm their attendance by paying the registration fee or by sending yet another email to confirm their participation.

Every step is a manual task which requires a lot of work hours and multiple staff to manage the complete workflow. And if you made a mistake in any of the steps during the submission process, it would not be very forgiving and would make you redo all previous steps making the whole process cumbersome and inefficient.

However, there’s a better alternative.

Automated abstract management : An abstract management system automates these steps, from author invites to abstract submission, abstract assignment to review submission, abstract revision to decision making, automated email notifications to generating abstract books out of the submitted abstracts, auto-populating the program schedule with accepted abstracts to creating a PDF copy of the program schedule and virtually every other task involved in the call for papers process, resulting in huge savings in terms of time and effort.

An abstract management system like Dryfta enables the chair committee to either set up a very simple submission process to submit papers or a complex submission process with multi-level, multi-track abstract submission and review workflow.

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Borderless Cybersecurity Conference & Technical Symposium by Oasis Open – A Case Study

Successful use of Dryfta

Borderless Cybersecurity Conference helps organizations identify and avoid some of the biggest pitfalls in threat intelligence. The conference program brings together the OASIS Borderless Cyber and FIRST Technical Symposium communities to provide guidance, outline next steps, and identify available resources to help you deal with imminent or emerging cyber threats.

Oasis Open

Used Dryfta for: Collecting abstracts, Sending email campaigns, Assigning abstracts to reviewers & conducting Peer review, Creating Event website, Selling tickets through credit card payments, generating Program schedule.

Here’s a quick interview with Jane Harnad, Manager of Events, about her experience with using Dryfta event platform for Borderless Cybersecurity Conference
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