Build & Generate Participation Certificates


Using Certificate Builder, conference organizers can customize & print certificates for participants. It also takes care of the distribution with multiple distribution channels to choose from. Read on to know more.

Import your Contacts
You can either add contacts one by one, or let them register on their through a public form. Optionally, if you already have their information in a spreadsheet, simply import the spreadsheet into your Dryfta account at once. Once your contacts are imported, you can assign different usertypes to them eg. participants, speakers, organizing staff etc.

Design & Customize Participation Certificates
Go to Certificate Builder and start designing participation certificates for your attendees, students, speakers and general staff. You can design separate certificate for each usertype. When customizing the design of your certificate, you may also upload the conference/seminar’s logo, authorized signatory for the certificate, dynamic information about the participant, sponsors’ logos, additional information about the conference/seminar among other things.

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Create User-Friendly Forms with the All New, Easy-to-Use Form Builder


We listened to your feedback and released an update to the form builder tool. The new changes are a great time saver requiring a lot less clicks for creating/copying a field.

Instead of clicking on the Add new field button to add a field, admin would now be displayed with the floating field types in the right side of the form.

They can select a field type to easily add a new field. On selecting a field type, it would open the field editor where admin would enter the field name for the field type selected.

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Best Event Planning Tools for Academia & Non-profits



We researched the best event planning tools for 2020 based on their features list, popularity, verified reviews, user satisfaction and pricing.

The list includes the best tools available in the following categories: Project management; Event website; Email marketing; Venue search & planning; Social networks publishing; Abstract management; Event ticketing; Agenda management; Floor plan designer; Polls & surveys; Budget & expenses management



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New features: Enable Open Discussion for Reviewers; Create Multiple Discussion Rooms



☑ Enable Open Discussion for Reviewers

In our last update, we added a discussion section for reviewers to discuss about an abstract before accepting/rejecting it. We have provided this a setting under Open Review settings to enable Discussions for assigned abstracts.

Under each assigned abstract, there is now an Open Discussion button. Reviewer would click on it to open the discussion room for the abstract and post comments and upload files along with the Reply button to reply to comments from other reviewers assigned to the abstract.

In the backend, under the abstract detail view, we have provided a discussion tab to display the comments posted by reviewers. There is a Reply button besides each comment to allow admins to reply to comments from within the backend.

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