Customized Fields to Collect Information From Speakers

Collect Information From Speakers


When you're organizing a conference, there's a lot of data you need to collect. Speaker information, speaker bios, and even speaker preferences are a must-have when planning your event. With Dryfta's Speaker Hub, you can easily gather and display speaker information for your event. It takes away the back-and-forth of traditional information collection, allowing you to take care of other pressing matters.

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How to Run a Successful Event even if You’re Scared to Talk to People

Create buzz around your event



If you have an event coming up, there's no time to be nervous about it. If you're a little shy or not a great public speaker, that's OK! You can still run a successful event if you prepare yourself well enough beforehand. In fact, by preparing properly and having the right mindset, you'll actually make your presentation seem like second nature when it comes time. Here are some tips on how to run a successful event even if talking to people makes you nervous:

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How To Find & Onboard The Right Speakers For Your Event



Most event organizers or hosts make the common mistake of chasing the biggest names in the industry to speak at their events. While this may pay off largely, it shouldn’t be the sole driving point to you finding your event the right speaker.

The mantra is to bag a speaker who has the ability to connect with audiences, compliments your event’s core ideas and brings ideas to the table that your audience can carry with them as important takeaways.

We’ve put together a comprehensive checklist to arrive at one such speaker for your upcoming event.

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Send Automated SMS notifications to Speakers about Upcoming Sessions

Need to make sure speakers are around when their session comes up during the event? Want attendees to fill up the seats prior to the session so you can assess if more seats need to be made available?

Stop worrying and set up automated SMS notifications. Dryfta’s automated SMS notification system notifies/reminds speakers and attendees about upcoming sessions. The SMS based notifications are sent to speaker’s registered phone number an hour before the session begins. This provides ample time to the speakers to reach the venue in time and do some final preparations for the session.


Since it also allows you to send automated notifications to attendees an hour prior to the session begins, you can be rest assured about seats filling up in time which would help you assess the demand for the session.
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How Autodesk is using Dryfta to Manage Autodesk University Conferences


When Autodesk team initially thought about using Dryfta to manage their events, they were primarily interested in using our abstract management and peer reviews system to host their call for papers for 12 conferences across the globe including Australia, Brazil, Middle East and ASEAN countries.

Later, after we walked them through an extensive demo and explained them about our various other offerings, they decided to use Dryfta for other more important requirements including tasks workflow and management for speakers, program/sessions management, and a multi-lingual platform with support for RTL languages. Except a few customization, they have used almost all of our features as is.
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