Top 10 Task Management Tools for Event Planners



Being an event planner is no easy feat. From brainstorming event ideas, organizing guest lists, preparing for the events, managing registration, right up to setting up merchandise booth for keepsakes, almost everything falls in the lap of the event planner. And these subtasks are each equally crucial to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible, creating a beautiful, memorable experience for your guests. With so many things on your plate, it’s only fair that you get some help. So here is a list of the top 10 management tools that can help event planners execute their events in style and efficiency.


#1 Trello

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Top 10 Scientific Journals to Publish Your Academic Papers



It is the norm of the scientific world to share findings with fellow members of the world of research, innovation, and discovery. And what better way to do so than to get your research outcomes published in a prestigious academic journal for scholars around the globe to read. But there is somewhat a predicament when deciding which journal to go with when publishing your article since there are numerous publications across multiple disciplines.

That’s why we’ve selected the top 10 scientific publications in the world that will give your findings maximum exposure. Let’s take a quick look at what they are.
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Top 10 Alternatives to Microsoft Excel



With the Microsoft Office suite becoming increasingly pricey with each update, it’s no wonder many are looking for more pocket-friendly versions of its components. For techies and professionals dealing with large blocks of data, Microsoft Excel is a key software in data organization and management. However, if you’re an occasional user, you would most likely shy away from investing a chunk of cash on this suite. Luckily, there are a few great paid and free alternatives to Excel on the Internet. Let’s check them out and see how they fare against the mighty spreadsheet software from Microsoft.


#1 Google Sheets

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Top 10 Ways To Market Your Virtual Event Effectively


With the COVID-19 virus on the rise, it’s no wonder the boom in demand for virtual space and video conferencing. And with the presence of numerous virtual events on the internet, most event planners and even marketers are stumped at a single point, how to get the most pairs of eyes on their respective virtual events. Many would say that the key is to be as creative and attention-grabbing as possible. But isn’t that a bit too vague? So, here’s are a list of more substantial ideas to help you market your virtual event like a professional.

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10 Fresh Ideas to Keep Attendees Glued to your Virtual Event


With everything going on right now, it seems like the whole event industry has turned to virtual events as the primary means of event delivery. And with the rise of virtual events and meetups, it is getting a little bit tricky to keep your online participants’ attention. But don’t fret. We have just the ideas for you to keep your online guests as engaged as ever. Read on to see what they are.


#1 Online polls and opinion sharing

Organizing live online polls during a virtual session lets your guests feel more a part of your virtual event. Asking for their opinion shows that you’re genuinely designing an event for them. It also gives you some great insights into how your audience is thinking on a specific topic.
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10 Best Folding Bikes to Ride within City



Given the city’s daily hustle and bustle, it is no wonder that most people are opting to cycle to places within reach these days. And what with the presence of folding bikes in the market. But even among such handy and compact modes of transport, there are a variety of types. Each of these suits a single terrain type, which is why you should be doing your research before going out and buying one.

But, before we go into details of the various foldable bikes out there and which would make the best for a city-terrain ride, let’s take a look at the benefits of using these flexible bikes.


Benefits of a folding bike?

Well, the first and most obvious perk of having this foldable two-wheeler is that you can easily avoid all the fuss of being stuck in traffic. Just whizz past all the hustle and bustle and get to work on time, every day of your life. Plus, there are special lanes for cyclists in developed countries, waiting for you to take advantage of them.

The fact that these little bikes can be folded and stored away is another factor that makes them perfect for city-dwellers. Imagine a smooth travel path on your bicycle all the way to work or to the nearest subway station. Doesn’t that sound heavenly in comparison to spending hours in gridlock, surrounded by smog?

In this article, we’ve gathered all of the best biking options for those living in the concrete jungle. The rankings here consider the features, size, affordability, user experience, and overall, a good fit for life in the metropolis.


Brompton S2L Superlight


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