Maintaining Professionalism in an Event Management Company: Tips for Event Managers



Event managers are people whom, by the nature of their job, would be meeting lots of people. Hence, it is crucial for event managers and planners to maintain a certain standard of professionalism and grace when in communication with other people, especially when they are at work.

But, as an event manager, you are required to be quite open and friendly with your clients, sponsors and event attendees, even, so the line of professionalism can be pretty blurred. However, we have put together a list of 10 sure-fire tips to help you stay professional at all times, without having to cut back on your charm, friendliness and sense of humor.

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How to Run an Event on a Shoestring Budget?

Budget manager


Budgeting is one of the critical elements of event planning and coordination. Irrespective of the scale and nature of an event, getting your budget on point is imperative to ensuring your event pans out as planned.

Having said that, a bigger budget may not necessarily guarantee an effectively executed event. A successful event can very well be planned and executed impeccably even with an extremely restricted budget. Read on to know how.

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How Women can Find Success & Thrive in the Event Management Industry?



While most industries today have largely evolved to level playing fields for both men and women, there still exists a certain bias against women and the larger need for them to prove their capabilities as successful professionals. What with event manager & coordinator profiles clocking in as the fifth most stressful job in the world, it certainly takes a lot for both genders to carve a niche for themselves in event industry.

Having said that, your professional success eventually does zero down on your experience, dexterity & skill set – both inborn and acquired. Albeit there exists no specific rulebook to success in the event management playground, here are some useful and pro-active measures that can help women conquer the highest pedestal in event management & planning.

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A Definitive Guide to Building an Event Website [PDF]

Guide to building an event website


As an event planner, having a website is crucial, especially when you are looking for a platform by which people can find you and solicit your services. But, what makes a good event website? And how do you even go about getting your new site up and running? We have all the details you need in this exhaustive guide on how to build an event website.

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10 Ways to Increase your Event Appeal with Drones



Drones are the latest craze in the technology industry and there is no denying that everyone out there secretly wants to have a drone to secure the status symbols associated with drones. But, how do drones come into play when we’re in the event business?

As we already know, drones are a fairly versatile product of technology and with the latest ranges equipped with state-of-the art features, drones may just be the future of event management and planning. Here are just 10 of our favorite uses for drones in the events industry.

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Choosing the Right Destination for your Academic Conference: Things to Ask Yourself



Planning an academic conference can prove to be both mentally and physically exhausting. What not, with all the scouting, organizing, budgeting, and execution, it’s not what anyone would consider a small feat. However, most people commonly struggle with one of the most crucial parts of planning the academic get-together, which is picking out the most suitable destination for their event.

The destination or location of your academic symposium could be the make or break factor for it. People are naturally inclined to take part in events or functions that give them the highest convenience and flexibility and this factor could affect the number of people who turn up to your academic meet. The only way to choose the best location for your meeting of minds would be to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and ask yourself a few questions.

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