Designing your Event Website has Become a Lot Easier

event website builder


The updates for the Dryfta event website builder were long due, and that’s why we have been working hard on the new website builder over the past few weeks. Unlike the previous version, this new website designer tool makes it a lot easier and quicker to design the website homepage, edit top navigation menus and create content pages.

Starting with the new website designer’s user interface itself, the new interface would open standalone, with the main sidebar collapsing automatically. That means the admin has the full screen to design the website. Also, to choose a theme for the website, one does not have to go to a separate page anymore. They can do so using the Theme Switcher in the top left.
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Best Event Planning Tools for Nonprofits



We researched the best event planning tools for 2020 based on their features list, popularity, verified reviews, user satisfaction and pricing.

The list includes the best tools available in the following categories: Project management; Event website; Email marketing; Venue search & planning; Social networks publishing; Abstract management; Event ticketing; Agenda management; Floor plan designer; Polls & surveys; Budget & expenses management



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A Definitive Guide to Building an Event Website [PDF]

Guide to building an event website


As an event planner, having a website is crucial, especially when you are looking for a platform by which people can find you and solicit your services. But, what makes a good event website? And how do you even go about getting your new site up and running? We have all the details you need in this exhaustive guide on how to build an event website.

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How to Control which Image, URL and Description should be Shared on Facebook?



Facebook has turned into a noteworthy traffic driver for a wide range of websites. These days even huge organizations steer customers toward their Facebook pages rather than their corporate sites. The ubiquitous Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons are there on most websites. One issue I’ve constantly found with sharing URLs on Facebook is that most websites do not have any influence over the picture and description that goes with the URL. Facebook Open Graph API is the solution to that.

Facebook’s Open Graph API sets data through custom META tags on the website’s page and are prefixed with og: Using this simple META tag strategy, you can tell Facebook what images, text, and link to use when sharing your event’s website. Let’s see how you can control how your event website is shared on Facebook.

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