How to Price Event Tickets to Maximise Return on Investment (ROI)?



Pricing event tickets is a tricky affair. Tremendous thought, research and number crunching goes into finding a price that gets people from all economic strata to see value in your ticket. On the flipside, the price you choose must also help you cover costs and attain the profit margins you are aiming at. Some useful tactics for achieving this pricing equilibrium are:

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How to Run an Event on a Shoestring Budget?

Budget manager


Budgeting is one of the critical elements of event planning and coordination. Irrespective of the scale and nature of an event, getting your budget on point is imperative to ensuring your event pans out as planned.

Having said that, a bigger budget may not necessarily guarantee an effectively executed event. A successful event can very well be planned and executed impeccably even with an extremely restricted budget. Read on to know how.

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How Women can Find Success & Thrive in the Event Management Industry?



While most industries today have largely evolved to level playing fields for both men and women, there still exists a certain bias against women and the larger need for them to prove their capabilities as successful professionals. What with event manager & coordinator profiles clocking in as the fifth most stressful job in the world, it certainly takes a lot for both genders to carve a niche for themselves in event industry.

Having said that, your professional success eventually does zero down on your experience, dexterity & skill set – both inborn and acquired. Albeit there exists no specific rulebook to success in the event management playground, here are some useful and pro-active measures that can help women conquer the highest pedestal in event management & planning.

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How to Raise Funds & Collect Donations for your Academic Conference



Kick-starting an event involves a monetary influx from a host of sources including your internal fund pool as well as sponsors who may or may not be directly associated with your core value system. While such sponsors recognize equity in associating with your academic conference, it is the more focused source of donations that many event managers often fail to inspire in order to create an association with your academic conference.

In this article, we are going to touch upon useful and rewarding fundraising guidelines that can help you fully leverage not just sponsors and brand partners but the often ignored and tremendously useful stream of donations. Here’s how you can make donations an integral part of your conference corpus.

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How Event Management Software are Phasing Out Humans on Various Parameters?



While events are a great way to connect with your audience and push brand awareness, organizing and executing one can be an extremely tedious exercise. The event management domain has experienced a huge paradigm shift from an administrative perspective – what was largely a human-controlled ecosystem is now increasingly realizing and leveraging the benefits of software and AI in event management.

According to Forrester Research, CMOs admit to a colossal 24 % of their budgets going into live events. Imagine the tremendous cost efficiencies that can be brought into the frame by AI to pull down event spends. Let’s explore what event management software can do on this front and also in enhancing the overall value chain of event management.

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Tips for Designing Research Posters



Poster designing is an all-embracing approach to display your activeness and hard work, notably if you are just springing into the research. They are much headache-free and less complicated way to deliver your actual message to the audience when compared to the oral presentations. However, it still presents valuable practices and excellent networking opportunities at expressing your obligation.

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