Event Ticketing Software

Collect registration fees for your academic & nonprofit events. Accept online payments through card with option to enable offline payments.

Get payments directly to your bank account. We do not hold your funds.

Dryfta does not take a percentage of the ticket revenue. Read more here


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Create registration tickets, memberships, workshop tickets, sponsorship packages and donation items.

  • set start and end dates for each ticket type
  • display all ticket types in a single page or have individual pages for each ticket type
  • group tickets under their different sections
  • automatically assign specific user roles when a ticket is purchased
  • display a ticket to selected user types or to all users

Collect registration fees & sponsorship payments online via credit card and PayPal.

  • choose from 140+ supported currencies including US Dollars, GBP and Euro
  • 10+ online payment options for users to pay for their ticket purchases
  • add VAT on each ticket purchase (optional)
  • enable offline payment options including check and wire transfer
  • pay at the venue for those who wish to pay in-person
Accept online payments

Collect every piece of information about your attendees during registration.

  • create registration forms with unlimited number of questions
  • set custom questions to display for all ticket types or only when a specific ticket type is selected
  • custom fields include dropdowns, multi-select, yes/no questions, multiple choices, comment boxes
  • file upload fields to collect signed forms, consents etc
  • Add-ons to sell additional items that can be purchased along with a ticket e.g., parking tickets, gala dinner passes etc
create registration questions

Sell event tickets on your Dryfta event website or embed into any 3rd party website.

  • dedicated, standalone pages for selling event tickets, sponsorship packages and donations
  • auto-fill button to let logged-in users save time when purchasing tickets
  • users can purchase multiple ticket types in a single order
  • customize event ticketing pages with additional information about your event including images and videos
sell event tickets

Super-easy backend to manage orders and invoices, create purchase orders and export your data.

  • view orders placed by users including payment details, billing information and tickets they purchased
  • update status for orders placed with offline payments
  • reassign tickets to a different attendee based on request
  • customize invoices and receipts look and feel sent to users on placing the order
  • create offline orders for users who want an invoice first
  • place online orders via credit card on behalf of users if they can’t do it on their own
  • export orders and tickets into CSV
manage orders and invoices

Boost your revenue by selling more event tickets with our event marketing tools.

  • create percentage or fixed-cost discount codes
  • limited-quantity discount codes to create a sense of urgency
  • launch targeted email campaigns and send reminders
  • enable post-purchase messaging to let users share their purchase on Facebook & Twitter and via email invites
  • curated list of event directories to publish and promote your event
create discount codes

Get a bird-eye view of your expenses and revenues.

  • add your event expenses by categories, target budget, paid amount and other details
  • automatically update your revenues generated from ticket sales and donations
  • visual pie-chart of your total budget, overall profit, and unpaid expenses
view revenue charts

View real-time information on your ticket sales.

  • access insights on your top-selling tickets
  • list of payment methods most preferred by your registrants
Ticket insights

Self-service dashboard for users to manage their orders and invoices.

  • registrants can access details of their purchases from their dashboard
  • if a user has a pending order, they can go to their dashboard and complete payment for that pending order
  • upload profile photo and update other profile information
  • download receipts and invoices and send a copy to their mailbox
Self-service dashboard

Dedicated event CRM to view & manage attendees.

  • track attendee information and their responses
  • filter attendees who did not complete their profile and send reminders to them
  • dedicated guest check-on tool to check-in attendees to event
  • send updates and notifications to attendees
  • export attendees information into spreadsheet
event crm for managing attendees

Accept donations online and raise funds for your nonprofit conference.

  • create preset denominations for donors to choose from
  • allow custom donation amounts and recurring monthly donations
  • offer multiple payment methods including credit card and Paypal
  • let donors select a cause for which they are donating
accept donations online

More features

  • Sell Event Membership tickets with validity period
  • Sell tickets to workshops and allow check-in to attendees who have purchased the tickets
  • Display social sharing buttons and Share with a friend button, post a successful purchase.
  • Give access to your premium content to members using Access control system
  • On any change in payment section, an email is sent to the main admin
  • Option to enable online payment to accept abstract submissions
  • Automatic invoice creation and emailing to the registrant
  • Discount Codes management to create discount codes for participants and group registrations, with option to set expiry dates and also according to the option selected in any custom fields
  • Limit discount code per user and per ticket
  • Option to apply the discount code automatically if all conditions for selected ticket types are met
  • Create discount codes valid for users from a particular country
  • Option in Order management to auto-confirm orders placed through offline payment methods