Email Marketing & Notifications

Send email campaigns, attendee invites, manage mailing lists and view campaign reports. Save time & resources with automated email notifications & prescheduled email campaigns.

Create email campaigns. Use a preset email template or customize your own.

Send to multiple segments and mailing lists at once.

Analyze your email campaigns with Dryfta’s extensive campaign reporting.

Email campaign reporting – Reporting of each Sent campaign. A visual graph for Bounced, Sent, Opened, Clicked, Marked as spam, Unsubscribed. Export buttons to export campaign reporting data.

Manage mailing lists. Import subscribers to mailing lists. Embeddable subscription form for each mailing list.

Sync subscribers to and from Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

Beautiful, preset email templates.

Leave the email design to us, so you can focus on writing better emails.

Segmentation tool to create various segments of registrants filtered by custom fields, choice of answers, accommodation type etc.

Send customized email campaigns to everyone in the segment.

More features

  • Mailchimp integration for Dryfta – Sync subscribers and mailing lists
  • Sendgrid integration for Dryfta – Send email campaigns through your own domain and email addresses
  • Constant Contact integration for Dryfta – Sync subscribers and mailing lists
  • Customizable and personalized email campaigns
  • Custom campaigns for custom segments/groups of attendees
  • Subscribers are automatically removed from the campaign list once they register
  • Notifications buttons to enable/disable all email notifications
  • Send email button for each contact to send private emails with multiple custom email templates to choose from.
  • Email history – logs of all emails sent to a contact
  • Email templates with placeholders for fields from the central contact database AND Event details
  • Supports email templates with placeholder for event header, logo, text, placeholders
  • Supports Complex e-mail templates that can be designed by designers
  • Export CSV button besides each automated notification to list all the emails and date on which automated notification was sent