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Dryfta Event Platform – Features List – Last updated: 16 March, 2017
Website management
Event website creation using templates
Web site creation using HTML editor
Web site creation using HTML code
Clone existing event
Copy “master event”
One dashboard to manage all events
Use custom domain (instead of Dryfta domain)
Structure the page using configurable tabs
Configurable Partners/sponsors tab
Speakers – database of speakers info (name, job title, photo, bio, social media profiles, website and your own custom fields)
Speakers management – Set deadline, let speakers access their tasks from their dashboard and complete them, get notifications when a task is completed or speaker has posted an update etc
Create custom content pages with text and images and videos.
Dashboard for attendees to save program sessions to their personal schedule.
Session recommendation tool to recommend sessions to attendees based on their interests.
Generate PDF of each Day of the Programme.
Agenda can display overlapping sessions
Web site sharing on Social media
Documents manager to upload documents.
Documents for download can be password protected
Document download can be conditioned by registration
Photos manager to upload multiple photos at once. Set public/private access.
Photos Slider widget to display photos in an interactive slider.
Mobile responsive website.
Videos manager to add Youtube videos. Set public/private access.
Integration with the event CRM (contacts)
Multi-language capability
Integrated website analytics
Integrated Google analytics
Social feeds to display your #hashtag feeds in real-time
Supports Chinese, Spanish characters
Registration form is fully configurable with option to create multiple forms with different set of fields
Registration form for attendees, reviewers, review submission form, abstract (papers) submission form
Embed Registration forms into third party websites
Registration form can be localized by language
Registration form enables use of informative text
Rating field for review submission form
File upload field to accept files (choose your own file extensions)
Ability to include disclaimer (about privacy policy and usage of personal data)
Check box question to capture (dis)agreement with personal data sharing
Information from the registration automatically merged into the global Contact database or the Event specific fields
Public profile for contacts. Option to enable/disable it.
Registration by Invitation only AND Open registrations system
Pre-filled registration fields for known contacts
Automated customizable registration notifications
Automated and Manual customizable registration acceptance/rejection notifications
Conditional settings on abstract submission and peer review forms
Access control levels for fields for Public, Admin & Logged-in users, Admin-use only.
In Access control, option to limit access to Add or Edit or Delete actions on selected tools.
Form validation on mandatory fields.
MP3 and MP4 file upload fields in registration and abstract submission forms.
Send event related updates to all the registrants
Include fields in Ticket purchase form.
Abstract Management
Collect abstracts and session proposals with various abstract submission configurations
Abstract archive with option to display all or accepted abstracts with authors’ names, ratings and summary.
Abstract submissions & peer review reporting & analytics
Sort abstracts with minimum number of reviews
Assign multiple abstracts to multiple reviewers
Author dashboard for authors to submit abstracts, manage personal program sessions, update profile
Display custom fields for co-authors information
Participation Certificate Builder to design and generate participation certificates for all attendees
Automatic notifications to speakers, authors, and reviewers
Twilio integration to send SMS notifications to attendees
Send mass SMSs to all or selected registrants at once
Public display of published abstracts with choice for authors to display/hide
Export abstracts into PDF and CSV formats
Accept payments for approved abstracts
Option to allow submitting author to choose multiple presenters for an abstract
Fetch accepted abstracts’ data to create program sessions automatically
Fields to create abstract submission form including PDF/Image upload, Multiple choice, Select boxes, Comments
Sort abstracts by topics, reviewers, authors, abstract status
Create & Publish abstract book with multiple settings to choose from.
Online payments
Online payments for all registrants
Accept donations using credit card. Monthly or One-time.
Sell Event Membership tickets with validity period
Sell tickets to workshops and allow check-in to attendees who have purchased the tickets
Display social sharing buttons and Share with a friend button, post a successful purchase.
Give access to your premium content to members using Access control system
Choose your own online payment gateway. With offline payment methods as well
Cart Abandonment Notification to user and admin
On any change in payment section, an email is sent to the main admin
Stripe Payment Gateway
Dryfta Payment Gateway Payment Gateway
PayTM Wallet Payment Gateway – Supports INR currency only
2Checkout Payment Gateway
Option to enable online payment to accept abstract submissions
Option to include custom fields in Ticket purchase form
Payment information merged back to the event specific fields enabling reminders and follow ups
Automatic invoice creation and emailing to the registrant
Discounts & Coupon Management Tool to create discount codes for participants and group registrations, and based on dates and custom fields
Peer reviews management
Review system with scoring, file uploads, multiple choices and comments
Assign abstract to multiple reviewers
System connects reviewers with same topics as the abstracts for easy assignment
Making the attendees aware of their meetings incl. calendar invitation
Import reviewers into system without editing details of each one of them
Automated notifications to reviewers on abstract assignment
View & manage all reviews of a reviewer from admin dashboard.
Send private message to reviewer from the admin dashboard
Enable double-blind review (hides author details from reviewers)
Option to allow reviewers to submit reviews on accepted abstracts
Badge Designer
Automatic badge creation into A4 pdf
Automatic individual badge creation in electronic format for one by one on-site printing
Customizable design of the badge
Automatic QR code generation with attendee information embedded in it
QR code includes Name, abstract titles, organization, and the country of the participants
Predefined badge templates with placeholders as part of the tool
Monetize badges by uploading logo of the badge sponsor
Automatic font adjustment for the long names or special characters
100% accuracy of the badges with QR code
Deploy Badge printing & scanning kiosks
Email marketing and notifications
Mailchimp integration for Dryfta – Sync subscribers and mailing lists
Sendgrid integration for Dryfta – Send email campaigns through your own domain and email addresses
Constant Contact integration for Dryfta – Sync subscribers and mailing lists
Customizable and personalized email campaigns
Email campaign reporting – Reporting of each Sent campaign. A visual graph for Bounced, Sent, Opened, Clicked, Marked as spam, Unsubscribed. Export buttons to export campaign reporting data.
Custom campaigns for custom segments/groups of attendees
Subscribers automatically removed from the Campaign list once they register
Notifications buttons to enable/disable all email notifications
Send email button for each contact to send private emails with multiple custom email templates to choose from.
Email history – logs of all emails sent to a contact
Email templates with placeholders for fields from the central contact database AND Event details
Supports simple e-mail with just your logo
Supports email templates with placeholder for event header, text, placeholders
Supports Complex e-mails that can be designed by designers
Projects & Tasks Management
Task Manager has two sections on one interface. One section to list tasks and another to open details of the task. The detail section has buttons to assign staff, set task completion date, a Delete button and a file upload button.
Add Task action only displayed to staff who have permissions set by super admin.
An email is sent on creating a task to the assigned staff. Reminder is sent 1 day before due date. /span>
Filter tasks by complete, incomplete, past date, due date.
Program schedule builder
Import Program schedule CSV to Dryfta event platform and display them to your attendees
Create multiple parallel Tracks, Formats and Rooms
Manage and approve posts submitted under a session’s discussion section.
Automatic time slot validation to prevent session overlapping
Conflicts log in Program builder to display conflicts for room, time, speakers in a popup.
Change logs in Program builder to record every changes made to sessions by admins.
Choose speakers, moderators, set attendee capacity, add a promo banner, description into your sessions
View attendees who checked-in to a session
LinkedIn, Google+ Share buttons on Program details
Digital marketing & Social media
Supports promoting the events on Social media using social buttons
Display real-time feeds of your social networking pages
Facebook Like, LinkedIn Share and Tweet buttons on Agenda / Program pages, Abstracts to promote your content
View real-time status of all your event related data.
Contact management (Event CRM)
Enables creation of as many fields as needed
Access Control System to create to allow access to different sections to users and staff
Enables all standard field validation (e.g. date, optional lists, free text, yes/no, ..)
Enables storage of contact photo as part of the contact details
Bulk edit multiple data/profiles in the Event CRM
Custom Filtering feature in Event CRM to filter and search contacts by fixed & custom fields and their values
Send Access Credentials to multiple contacts at once
Abstract tab to display all the abstracts submitted by the contact.
Enables advanced filtering of the targeted contacts
Contact’s log is updated automatically with information identified throughout the process
Enables organizing the contacts in groups and target lists
Contact list can be exported to excel
Contact information can be imported from excel
Contacts import from excel can be restricted to only certain users
Enables quick and advanced (several fields) filtering
Upload files for each contact (for official use only)
Add notes for each contact
Filtered contacts can be inserted into a group
Assigned abstracts tab for reviewers to display reviews assigned to the reviewer
Fields to be displayed in the Contact detail can be limited by the user
Tickets tab displays tickets purchased by the contact or the tickets purchased for him/her by any other contact
Enables tracking of interactions with the contact (phone, e-mail): subject, author, description, date & time, call outcome; date&time to call again
Sessions tab display all the sessions a user has checked-in to.
Enables event specific fields (Tier, Registration likelihood, travel details, dietary info..)
Each change to contact info is tracked in “change log” and can be viewed
Email tab allows admin to send emails to the contact using customized templates and short codes.
Emails log saves all the emails sent to the contact
Take backups of your latest data
Attendees engagement
Enables real time presence info update in the contact database at check in
Attendees can check-in to Sessions and be found in the list of attendees who checked-in
Participate in discussions on each session, become top commentators overall
Twitter-like Comments wall with Real-time update on any new comments posted
Enables manual checking-in directly in the event dashboard
Deploy Self-checkin kiosks for event and sessions
Self-service dashboard for attendees to manage their schedule, contact requests, update profile, manage tickets
Matchmaking – View recommended attendees for you based on your interests
Meetings planner updates for completed mtgs per attendee
Lead retrieval – Enables the vendor/sponsor to track the presence (by scanning the QR code)
Event-level and Session level Discussions to engage participants and create user-generated content for the event
Enables attendees to schedule meetings with other attendees or sponsors. Set up 1 to 1 meetings, Send contact detail requests to attendees
Mobile application
Display multiple events for the attendee to choose from
Display event info (agenda, speakers, venue, attendees..)
Integration within the “main platform” so that the content is loaded automatically to the mobile app
The partners (sponsor) section enables marking co-partners/co-sponsors
Display personal event related info (MyAgenda, MyProfile)
Enables attendees to update their own profile
Enables personal messaging between attendees
Enables meeting invitations to be sent btw attendees and saved in app Inbox
Limited access to guest users (Can only view event details)
Scan QR code of other attendees and save as contact
Can display the contact list (with possibility to turn it off)
Save contacts to Phonebook
Enables admin to send push notifications to app users
Automated push notifications to app users for the upcoming sessions attendee has saved in his/her personal schedule
Supports Chinese characters
Supports Spanish
Supports German
Supports Portuguese (BR)
Supports English (UK)
Create custom content pages with text and images and videos.
My connections tab to display attendees whom you’ve shared your contact details with.
Send vCard requests (contact details) to fellow attendees
Event wall – Participate in discussions. Reply on posts from other attendees
Supports Android
Enable/disable receiving notifications in the app
Predefined reports
One time Custom reports can be created and saved
Regular Custom reports can be created and saved
Custom reports can be shared with other users within the tool
Download reports in CSV format
Share real-time attendee information with vendors
Registrations by different fields (contact type, country, position
Create conditional fields
Pagebreak field to break single form into multiple small forms
Create segments of contacts with different field values
Send targeted email to created segments
Legal (Cookie policy, disclaimers…)
Multiple server locations in Europe and North America
Compliant with the European Cookie policy
Pricing & contracts
per registration fee – We do not charge per registration fee
per attendee fee – We do not charge per attendee fee
per user fee – We do not charge per user fee
No contract. Pay as you go.
Vendor info & customer service
Founded in 2015
Customer service online –
Customer service by e-mail –
Customer service hours – 9AM to 6PM
Can support Europe in European business hours
Can support MEA in MEA business hours
Can support Asia Pacific region
Deployment type & users administration
Web based event management platform
Unlimited staff users
Integration to 3rd party applications
API disabled