Are Event Management Apps Worth the Hype? Decoding How they can Benefit your Conference



Planning and executing an event involves a plethora of pre-meditated activities that require impeccable planning and execution. Event management applications have surfaced over the last few years to streamline the entire process and have been lapped up by businesses and event managers alike. With 57% of event organizers using event management software and over $50 million pumped into creating modern event management solutions, we can certainly tell where the trend is taking us.

On the flip, event management applications demand immense investment from a time and effort perspective in getting things rolling. Aside from this, they also pose problems of excessive adverts, carry the risk of failure due to poor promotion and bring in complexities attendees do not see the rationale behind.

This brings us to the pressing question – Are event management software really worth it? And if they are, as widespread adoption indicates, how can your business leverage them to its advantage?  Let’s get to the bottom of these questions.

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10 Reasons for Using an Event Management Software



Let’s admit it, automating any process does dig deep into your pocket. There is also considerable time and effort involved in getting your programs, systems, and workforce to amalgamate with any platform to deliver quantifiable benefits that make the entire rigmarole worth your time. Having said that, once the foundations are laid is when the paybacks of your efforts begin to take shape.

The event management ecosystem is no different. There are tremendous benefits in terms of time management, manpower investment, reduction of the probability of error and overall output that your event can benefit from if you were to consider engaging an event management platform. In this article, we will touch upon various nuances and features of event management platforms that can help you break the profit ceiling.

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Ten Effective ways to Hire Competent Volunteers for your Event



Events aren’t a one-man show. They require immense involvement and dexterity of a large group of skilled individuals that come together to make it a success. More often than not, as event organizers, you may be in need of volunteers who work for you for non-monetary benefits. While such volunteers are certainly out there, getting them onboard may be a challenge. Fret not, here are ten ways you can get some fantastically talented and enthusiastic volunteers for your events.

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10 Safety Tips that are Critical to Event Success

event safety


Ensuring your event is in accordance with physical and cyber security requisites is critical to its success. Not only does a security breach at an event cause heavy financial losses, but it also creates room for speculation and loss of goodwill. You may have drawn out a security plan for your event – but is it really comprehensive? Here are some factors you must give due attention to when charting out your event’s security framework:
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How to Ensure your Event Sticks to the Timeline you Set Out for it?



Are you thinking to plan an event in no time? Do not forget to make the timeline a part of your planning. Timelines have a crucial role to play in Event Planning. You always have a risk of not meeting the deadlines, if not prepared a timeline well. Here are some tips to make an efficient timeline for your well-organized event.
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10 Sure-Fire ways to Attract Attendees to your next Event

Attendees in a conference 

A well-executed event can help boost brand awareness, facilitate lead generation and increase your sales. However, a well-planned event but a poorly promoted one does little to meet the goals you set out for it. Nothing is more discouraging than a lukewarm turn-out for an event you’ve invested your physical and intellectual capacities in. Which is why we’ve put together a list of activities you must tie in with your promotions.

Here are some sure shot ways you can boost the attendance to your event and make it a success:

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