Event Industry’s best CRM just got better!


Dryfta event platform’s CRM was already the best event CRM in the event industry to manage your contacts, their information, along with email templates, documents management, reports and other features. Now we just made it a lot better!

We’ve heard from our customers that they would like to be able to edit information of multiple contacts at once and also be able to search contacts using custom filtering. So we listened to them and have added these features as part of today’s platform updates.

You shall now be able to do the following with your Dryfta Event CRM:

  • Edit information of multiple contacts at once
  • Change Deal stage and Lifecycle stage status of multiple contacts
  • Enable public profiles of multiple contacts
  • Assign/Unassign multiple roles to contacts in a single click
  • Update details of the contacts’ custom fields
  • Send login credentials to multiple contacts
  • Select contacts and send email to all of them in one go
  • Search contacts by any field or a combination of multiple fields
  • Save searches so you can easily access them for future use

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Why your Product never seems good enough

Level zero

Hi. This is your Chief Happiness Officer.

I’m very delighted to see 100s of users using Dryfta to manage their events 3 months after our private beta release. I take this oppurtunity to thank our founding customers especially my team for clinging to this vision of having an all-inclusive event management platform for event organizers and delivering on our promises.

Speaking of my vision, the platform still has a long way to go.As a product manager, you’re never satisfied with the work you have done and you have this forever longing for perfection and completeness in your product. To be honest, we’re still at level Zero. I can write a long list of features/tools which need to be implemented before it can be what I have envisioned.

Andrew Chen has written a nice post on this beautiful experience: Why your product will never seem like it’s good enough