Contacts Management Tool that is as Simple as a Spreadsheet

contacts management tool


The new Contact Management tool makes it faster and easier to manage contacts and their information. The basic idea was to allow inline editing for faster data management, and better controls at viewing data that you needed to view. We have also introduced a Column Selector, an option to create custom tabs, and many more.

Card/List layouts – Instead of having a separate tab to display the entries in card view, we have added the “Card” view as an option when editing the settings for saved searches. When selecting a view for a tab, you can select either card view or list view.

If you select the Card view, you also need to select a dropdown field based on which the contacts should be stacked in the respective values. E.g., if you select a field “Deal status”, the entries would stack by the values of that field; for example, Entry 1 goes under the “Deal closed”, Entry 2 goes under the “Appointment scheduled”, Entry 3 goes under the “Demo completed” etc.

Contacts under each stack are draggable, so the admin can move an entry from one stack to another. For example, one can drag and drop Entry 3 from the “Demo completed” stack to the “Deal won” stack for easier data management.


Card view


Saved Searches button list all the saved searches and the default tabs, with the option to hide/display them in the listing view.

The saved searches display contacts based on whatever filters have been applied in that search. All tabs are movable with the option to hide/show them if the admin does not want to display them in the contact list view eg., if you want to hide attendees and reviewers tabs and instead display tabs you created out of your own searches, you would be able to do so.


saved searches


Column Selector lists all the fixed and custom fields to hide/display them in the list view. Display the “Manage columns” button under the “Actions” dropdown. Clicking on this button would open a popup with checkboxes to select/unselect columns to display. Limit it to up to 10 columns. Also, moving from one tab to another does not reload the page anymore.


column selector


Inline editing would let users make updates to columns (only these field types can be edited in-line: inputbox, single-select dropdown) in listings by simply clicking on a column and making changes. The system would auto-save those changes.

To add a new user, the admin has to click on the “Add New” button, and it would add a row at the top of the contacts list with a cursor in the first column in the list. If the “card view” is selected for the current tab, it will open the add new user form in a popup.


in-line editing


Once a contact’s data is updated, and if after the update it doesn’t match the filters that are currently applied for the search result, the item would be removed from the search result immediately after the data is auto-saved.

Expanded view – would display the profile-related information in a popup without reloading the page. When saving or closing the detail view, it would save/close without reloading the page.


Expand view


Full view – would take admin to the full view of the contact, displaying contact’s profile information along with the submissions, tickets, and other info.


expanded view


Easy filtering – a dedicated filter button to choose a field, filter type, and field value. When you apply a filter, the results are displayed in real-time. After you’re done filtering, you can click on the Save Search button under Actions if you want to save this search for future reference.


Easy Filtering


Bulk Editing – to edit multiple contacts at once. Select contacts from the list, click on Bulk Edit, select a value you wish to edit, and click save.


Bulk editing


Inline File Upload – Upload files in your contacts’ profiles in-line without going to the contact’s detail view. One can also use it to filter contacts who have already uploaded their files or verify if they have uploaded the correct files.


File upload


Most of these updates have been implemented based on users’ feedback and feature requests. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to submit them on our Feature Requests page, and we’ll try to implement them as and when we can.