Simplifying Submission and Review Processes with New Updates


In our ongoing commitment to enhancing the functionality and user experience of our platform, Dryfta is thrilled to introduce a set of impactful updates to our submission and review processes. These new features are designed to provide more control and flexibility for organizers, improve transparency for authors, and streamline the overall workflow.

New Updates

Enhanced Display Options for Reviews to Authors: In the submission settings under “display reviews to authors,” organizers now have the ability to select specific review questions to display to authors. Additionally, there is an option to display reviewers’ names to authors or to anonymize them (e.g., Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2, etc.). This customization enhances transparency while protecting reviewer anonymity when needed.

Mandatory Reason for Submission Withdrawal: Authors are now required to provide a reason when withdrawing their submission. This mandatory step ensures that organizers have a clear understanding of why submissions are being withdrawn, facilitating better decision-making and record-keeping.

Streamlined Abstract to Session Conversion: We’ve added a “Send to Program Schedule” option in the Abstract list view under Actions. This function, also integrated into access control, allows admins to create sessions directly from abstracts. Similar to the “Session converter,” this feature within the Abstract view simplifies the process of converting abstracts into sessions, saving time and effort.

Dynamic Rating Display Options in Review Forms: The rating field in review forms now includes options to display ratings as stars or as a slider. Organizers can set the base and fill colors for the stars, with the number of stars corresponding to the scale range (e.g., 1 to 5 means 5 stars). The slider option allows ratings to be displayed in a range format (e.g., a scale range from 1 to 5 allows sliding from 1 to 5). These visual enhancements make the rating process more intuitive and engaging.

Double-Blind Review Warning for Authors: For submissions under double-blind review, a new option warns authors if any author or co-author names are found in the submission summary or other custom fields. This backend feature helps maintain the integrity of the double-blind review process by preventing unintentional disclosure of author identities.

Benefits of the New Updates

For Organizers:

Customizable Review Display: Enhanced control over which review questions and reviewer identities are displayed to authors, enabling more tailored and transparent feedback processes.

Improved Data Collection: Mandatory withdrawal reasons provide valuable insights into submission trends and decision-making.

Efficient Workflow: The ability to convert abstracts to sessions directly from the Abstract view streamlines program planning, reducing administrative burden.

Flexible Rating Options: New visual rating displays in review forms enhance the user experience and facilitate more accurate evaluations.

For Authors & Reviewers:

Transparency: Clear and customizable display of review feedback improves understanding and trust in the review process.

Accountability: Mandatory withdrawal reasons promote thoughtful decision-making and accountability.

Enhanced Review Process: Double-blind review warnings ensure compliance with review protocols, preserving the fairness and integrity of the process.

These updates reflect our dedication to providing robust, user-friendly solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of event management. We are excited to see how these new features will help you create more successful and well-organized events with Dryfta.