Streamlining Event Management and Enhancing User Experience with New Updates

New updates - Dryfta event platform for academia & nonprofits


In our relentless pursuit of improving event management, Dryfta is excited to introduce a series of updates designed to make life easier for organizers and more rewarding for attendees. These new features bring greater flexibility, efficiency, and clarity to various aspects of our platform, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for everyone involved.

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Elevating Speaker Engagement with Latest Event Schedule Builder Updates


In our continuous effort to innovate and adapt to the needs of event organizers, speakers, and attendees, Dryfta is excited to unveil the latest updates to our Event Schedule Builder. These new features are designed to empower speakers and moderators, facilitating better communication and providing deeper insights into session participants. With these enhancements, managing sessions and engaging with attendees has never been more efficient.

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Streamline Your Event Planning with Event Schedule Builder


We are committed to making event management more efficient and seamless for organizers and attendees alike. Our latest updates to the Event Schedule Builder are designed to simplify the process of managing and exporting event schedules, ensuring that everyone stays informed and organized. These new features allow for bulk downloading of session calendars and easy export of personalized schedules to popular calendar platforms.

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Transforming the IMNHC 2023 Attendee Experience with Dryfta

hybrid sessions
abstract submissions


IMNHC 2023 marks the third major conference from Johns Hopkins University, with over 2,000 attendees, to utilize the Dryfta event platform. The ICFP 2022 and SBCC Summit 2022 are the other two comparable large-scale conferences co-organized by JHU and hosted on Dryfta.


JHPIEGO, an international health nonprofit affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, is a global force in healthcare initiatives focused on improving maternal and newborn health. Hosting the International Maternal and Newborn Health Conference (IMNHC) is a critical event for JHPIEGO, attracting healthcare experts, academicians, and enthusiasts globally. Prior to using Dryfta, the event faced intricate challenges, from abstract submission to attendee engagement, often relying on fragmented systems that lacked efficiency and cohesion.


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Bulk Download Made Simple in Abstract Management System

Dryfta event platform for academia & nonprofits

Time is a luxury event organizers cannot afford to waste. Recognizing the need for efficiency and simplicity in managing abstracts and event schedules, Dryfta is pleased to announce a key update to our platform: the new "Export Files" feature. This tool is engineered to dramatically streamline the way you download files associated with abstracts and sessions, saving you both time and effort.

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Transform Audience Interaction with Fresh Updates to Event Schedule Builder

Transform Audience Interaction with Fresh Enhancements to Dryfta's Event Schedule Builder

Event management is a multifaceted endeavor that requires seamless coordination between program admins, attendees, and speakers. At Dryfta, we understand the complexities involved and are committed to simplifying the process for you. We're thrilled to announce a series of updates to our Event Schedule Builder designed to enhance user experience and streamline operations. Let's delve into the details.

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