Create User-Friendly Forms with the All New, Easy-to-Use Form Builder


We listened to your feedback and released an update to the form builder tool. The new changes are a great time saver requiring a lot less clicks for creating/copying a field.

Instead of clicking on the Add new field button to add a field, admin would now be displayed with the floating field types in the right side of the form.

They can select a field type to easily add a new field. On selecting a field type, it would open the field editor where admin would enter the field name for the field type selected.

The Save button is now gone and replaced with an auto-save. This auto-save function would automatically save the changes every time a change is made to a field. If changes are not saved, and admin tries to close the browser or moves to a different page, system would display a prompt to stay while data is being saved.

Also added a Clone button to copy an existing field while editing the form. Creating a copy of a field is now just a click away!

As always, if you have got any feedback/suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know in comments.