Enhancing Speaker Engagement with the “Notify Speakers” Tool

Empowering Organizers and Engaging Speakers: Dryfta's New Feature Enhances Communication and Preparation


Effective communication is crucial for the success of any conference or event. Organizers often need to promptly notify speakers and moderators about their sessions, allowing them to prepare adequately for their presentations. Dryfta, the leading event management platform, has introduced an exciting new feature: the “Notify Speakers/Moderators” button to address this issue. With this powerful tool, organizers can now effortlessly notify speakers and moderators about their sessions as soon as the program schedule is created. This proactive approach enables presenters to prepare for their presentations well in advance, ensuring a seamless and impactful event experience.

Seamless Communication and Customization

The “Notify Speakers/Moderators” feature revolutionizes how organizers communicate with presenters. By sending customized emails with shortcodes, this feature allows organizers to efficiently inform speakers and moderators about their assigned sessions at the conference. Gone are the days of manually composing individual emails or needing help to keep track of communication. With a few simple clicks, organizers can ensure everyone is on the same page, and speakers can dive into their preparations without delay. By clicking on the Tools dropdown menu in the program builder, organizers can access a list of sessions scheduled for the day. In the next step, the admin will select specific sessions to notify the speakers and moderators. The ability to send separate emails for each session ensures personalized communication and avoids confusion.

Customized Messaging for a Personalized Touch

Effective communication is critical to fostering a sense of connection and engagement. The new feature in Dryfta allows organizers to go beyond generic emails by offering customizable messaging options. Organizers can tailor the content of the email to include shortcodes, enabling personalization that goes beyond simply addressing the recipient by name. These shortcodes can dynamically incorporate session names and the names and email addresses of co-presenters involved in the session. The ability to provide specific details to each speaker or moderator not only adds a personal touch but also helps to clarify any potential confusion.

Notify speakers

Streamlined Workflow

The “Notify Speakers/Moderators” feature in Dryfta enhances the overall workflow for event organizers. The platform streamlines the communication process with speakers and moderators by integrating this feature into the Program Builder module. The one-click access to the notification function reduces the time and effort required to send updates to participants. Organizers can now focus on other critical aspects of event planning, confident that their speakers and moderators are well-informed and adequately prepared.

Increased Productivity and Preparedness

The “Notify Speakers/Moderators” feature empowers organizers and presenters by streamlining communication and enhancing preparedness. By sending timely notifications, organizers can ensure that speakers and moderators have ample time to prepare, eliminating last-minute stress and improving the quality of their presentations. This feature contributes to a more organized event timeline, allowing speakers to focus on delivering their best work while fostering a positive and engaging conference experience.