How to Organize an Event Successfully?

quick guide to event planning


Someone recently asked me how she should go about organizing an event. So I jotted down a quick list of things which I do to plan my own events and making sure my attendees go home happy, and I also get to have a decent ROI.

Here’re the most common things that I do every time I have to organize an event:
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Dryfta aspires to become academia’s most preferred conference platform


There are almost 300 event management platforms out there. However, not everyone caters everything to everyone. Some only focus on registration systems, while others focus on attendees engagement. Some are primarily developed for corporate events, while others are focused on academic conferences. The problem is not a single event platform was ever developed with academic conferences in mind. There are platforms which provide abstract management, peer reviews, and ticketing but that’s not all that happens in academic conferences. Apart from presenting their papers, they also attend numerous sessions, workshops. The attendees at the conference network with fellow attendees, speakers, authors and researchers, collect leads and contact details from them, setup one to one meetings with each other. There’s so much that happens in an academic conference.
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Design your abstracts and papers with Picasso


For some time now, the Dryfta team has been working on a side project. The premise was to build something practically useful, obviously. So we brainstormed. Since, at that time we were writing codes for the abstract management and peer reviews functionality of Dryfta, the first thing which came to mind were authors and speakers who would use this functionality to submit their abstracts and papers.

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Feature bloat and missed revenue!

Do one thing and do it best

Yesterday, while doing some quick research on our event tech counterparts, this realization came upon me that most event tech startups are implementing this very abhorrent practice of bloating their platforms with too many features. I think I know where that’s coming from.
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