Collect Abstract Submissions Fees Online

If you charge a processing fee per abstract submission or per accepted abstract submission for your conference, then Dryfta event platform is for you. Using Dryfta, you can create tickets to collect abstract submission fees for all submitted & accepted abstracts.

For abstract submissions, as soon as the fee payment is confirmed, the system would allow author to submit the abstract/s. Admin can select the number of abstracts that can be submitted per ticket and set the dates for abstract submission site to open and close abstract submissions.

For fees paid for accepted abstracts to allow authors to present the paper at the conference, once author has paid the fee through credit card, the system would send the invoice to the author and updates the abstract submission with the Paid status automatically. This makes sure admin knows if the accepted abstract has been paid for or not.


If author wants to print or download the invoice for the fees paid, he/she should go to Tickets & Invoices page and click on the order number to open the details of the payment along with a button to Print the invoice.

For free abstract submissions, admin can set a limit on the number of abstracts that an individual may submit nor on the maximum number of characters in an abstract, and admin can set the maximum number of characters allowed, from the abstract settings.

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