Advanced Auto-Assignment in Abstract Management System

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Managing the peer review process for an event can be a complex task, often requiring meticulous planning and coordination. To simplify this process, Dryfta is excited to introduce a powerful update to our Abstract Management & Peer Review System: Advanced Auto Assignment. This feature brings intelligent automation into the reviewer-submission matching process, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy.

Advanced Auto Assignment: Key Features

The new Auto Assignment process offers a multi-faceted approach to match submissions with reviewers. It takes into consideration:

  • Reviewer's Language Preference: Ensure that reviewers are comfortable with the language in which the submission is made.

  • Topic of Expertise: Align submissions with reviewers who have subject matter expertise in the relevant field.

  • Preferred Submission Type: Whether it’s a poster or an oral presentation, the system aligns it with reviewers who have indicated a preference for that type.

  • Country Preference: Match reviewers and submissions based on geographic relevance or preference.

  • Affiliation Preference: Facilitate reviews by professionals who have a specific institutional affiliation.

  • Custom Fields: Event administrators can create any other custom field to further refine the matching process.

Why This Update is a Game-Changer

  • Enhanced Accuracy: By taking multiple parameters into account, the system ensures a more accurate match between submissions and reviewers.

  • Time Savings: Automation significantly reduces the time spent on manual assignment, freeing up resources for other tasks.

  • Flexibility: The inclusion of custom fields allows for a highly tailored assignment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I activate the Advanced Auto Assignment feature?

You can enable this feature within the Submission settings on your Dryfta dashboard.

Q: Can I use multiple criteria for auto assignment?

Yes, the system allows for multi-criteria matching to ensure optimal assignment.

Q: Is it possible to manually override the auto-assigned reviewers?

Absolutely, manual adjustments can still be made after the auto assignment process.

Q: How are custom fields added?

Event administrators can add custom fields directly through the system interface.

Use Cases

  • International Conferences: Use language and country preferences to assign reviewers, ensuring linguistic and cultural relevance.

  • Specialized Academic Events: Leverage the topic of expertise feature to ensure that each submission is reviewed by a subject matter expert.

  • Corporate Research Symposiums: Use affiliation preference to align internal projects with internal reviewers.

In summary, the Advanced Auto Assignment feature in Dryfta’s Abstract Management & Peer Review System is designed to automate and refine the reviewer-submission matching process. This update aims to save time, enhance accuracy, and offer customization, thereby elevating the quality of the peer review process and, by extension, the overall event.