Transforming the IMNHC 2023 Attendee Experience with Dryfta

hybrid sessions
abstract submissions


IMNHC 2023 marks the third major conference from Johns Hopkins University, with over 2,000 attendees, to utilize the Dryfta event platform. The ICFP 2022 and SBCC Summit 2022 are the other two comparable large-scale conferences co-organized by JHU and hosted on Dryfta.


JHPIEGO, an international health nonprofit affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, is a global force in healthcare initiatives focused on improving maternal and newborn health. Hosting the International Maternal and Newborn Health Conference (IMNHC) is a critical event for JHPIEGO, attracting healthcare experts, academicians, and enthusiasts globally. Prior to using Dryfta, the event faced intricate challenges, from abstract submission to attendee engagement, often relying on fragmented systems that lacked efficiency and cohesion.


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