Keep your Contacts Organized with Dryfta Event CRM’s Merge Tool

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In the bustling world of event management, keeping your contact list organized and free of duplicates is not just a matter of cleanliness—it's a matter of professionalism and efficiency. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the latest update to Dryfta CRM's Merge Tool, a feature that significantly simplifies the process of identifying and merging duplicate contacts within the system.

Intuitive Duplicate Detection and Merging

Our enhanced Merge Tool now automatically identifies potential duplicate contacts and presents them to you in an easily navigable list, complete with links to each contact's profile that open in a new tab for your convenience. This allows you to view duplicate contacts side by side, giving you a clear overview and making it easier to decide whether to merge.

With a simple click of the 'Merge' button, you can combine the information from duplicate accounts into one comprehensive profile. To ensure accuracy and prevent the merging of distinct contacts, a message popup will prompt you to verify the duplicates by reviewing their profiles before confirming the merge. This safeguard is designed to minimize the risk of any false positives that the system's automatic detection might present.

Once you confirm the merge, the system will retain the original account as the primary profile, seamlessly integrating information from the duplicate account. This ensures that no critical data is lost in the process.

Manual Search for a Personal Touch

While our system is equipped to automatically detect duplicates, we understand the importance of personal oversight. That's why we've also included the ability for admins to manually search for and merge contacts. This feature provides an additional layer of control, allowing you to tailor the contact list to your exact specifications.

This update to the Merge Tool is just one of the many ways we're working to make Dryfta CRM the most user-friendly and efficient event management platform on the market. We're committed to continuous improvement and eagerly await your feedback on these new features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Merge Tool identify duplicates?

The tool scans your contact list and uses various data points to identify potential duplicates, presenting them in a list for you to review.

Can I review profiles before merging?

Absolutely. The system provides links to the profiles of potential duplicates, which you can review in a new tab before deciding to merge.

What happens if I accidentally merge the wrong contacts?

Before merging, you are prompted to verify the duplicates. However, if a merge is made in error, please contact our support team for assistance in rectifying the situation.

Will any data be lost during the merge?

No. The merge process is designed to combine data from duplicate accounts into the original account, ensuring no information is lost.

Can I still merge contacts manually?

Yes, you can manually search for and merge contacts, giving you complete control over your contact list.