How Autodesk is using Dryfta to Manage Autodesk University Conferences


When Autodesk team initially thought about using Dryfta to manage their events, they were primarily interested in using our abstract management and peer reviews system to host their call for papers for 12 conferences across the globe including Australia, Brazil, Middle East and ASEAN countries.

Later, after we walked them through an extensive demo and explained them about our various other offerings, they decided to use Dryfta for other more important requirements including tasks workflow and management for speakers, program/sessions management, and a multi-lingual platform with support for RTL languages. Except a few customization, they have used almost all of our features as is.

To use Dryfta’s abstract management system for collecting and managing abstracts and reviews, Autodesk event team completed the initial setup of the abstract submission system and then went on to use the Form builder tool to add custom fields including dependent fields in their abstract submission forms and review submission forms.

Furthermore, Autodesk wanted to improve the look and feel of their conference websites and therefore has implemented a lot of custom CSS codes using Website builder to stylize their website and navigation bar with their own brand elements.

One another thing they loved about Dryfta is its ability to duplicate past events along with attendees and submissions data. This saved them huge amount of time as they were able to duplicate their past event for the rest of the upcoming events while only changing the basic information for each event.

Here’s an upcoming conference from Autodesk hosted on Dryfta:


To see the latest features added and improvements made to the Dryfta event platform, go to our System Status page.

Dryfta offers a free trial account for 30 days to all universities and non-profits to try the platform with up to 30 free registrants.