The Pain Points that Dryfta Solves



A common approach to set up an academic or a nonprofit conference is to use an array of tools, e.g., WordPress, Eventbrite, Easychair, and Mailchimp. Then put your staff into multi-tasking mode and try to get your event off the ground.

What would it be like if you could access all of these features from a single platform, all fully integrated, making for a seamless, unified data flow? Dryfta event platform solves this issue of unstructured data flow caused primarily due to using one too many tools by offering a set of fully-integrated tools. Let’s see how Dryfta stacks up with each of these tools regarding features and functionality.

WordPress or Dryfta? – Dryfta has a user-friendly Website builder tool that lets you choose from a preset theme for your event website and customize your theme with your CSS and HTML. You can add content pages as you do in WordPress, upload photos and add categories, and insert Youtube videos. Create custom widgets and embed custom forms created using the built-in form builder tool. Here’s an example of an event website built using Dryfta.

Eventbrite or Dryfta? – With Dryfta’s no-nonsense ticketing platform, organizers can sell tickets using their own merchant account, e.g., PayPal, 2Checkout,, and Stripe, and accept online payments. Here’s an example of ticket purchase page.

Also, we do not hold your funds. You withdraw funds directly from your PayPal or Stripe account, which usually takes 3-5 days to arrive in your bank account. Nor do we charge any fee for the tickets you sell. You only pay for the plan you have chosen.

Easychair or Dryfta? – We primarily built Dryfta for academia. Therefore, our abstract submission and peer review system needed to be top-notch. With Dryfta abstract management system, you can accept abstracts & talks, enable double-blind review, accept payments for submissions, among other things. It has dedicated dashboards for authors and reviewers to submit and manage abstracts and reviews. You can also customize and publish the abstract book. Here’s an example of an abstract submission website.

Mailchimp or Dryfta? – Dryfta Email Broadcast System makes it easy to send email campaigns to users. You can also send a targeted campaign to a particular user group and view campaign reports for people who opened, clicked, or unsubscribed. We use Sendgrid to send our emails, and therefore deliverability rate is nearly 99.5 percent.

As for the cost savings, we’re one of the most affordable, all-in-one event management platforms out there. To know why we have priced Dryfta so low, read this post.

Dryfta has combined all of these features into one platform for which you would otherwise have had to pay for Eventbrite, WordPress, Easychair, and Mailchimp! To use Dryfta, the only thing you pay for is the plan you choose.


Dryfta offers a 14-day free trial. Beyond that, you can purchase credits and pay as you use the platform. It couldn’t get any simpler than this! 🙂