Universities & organizations signed up for Dryfta event platform (September)

With newly added features and awesome reviews from our customers, Dryfta has gained 3 new customers in the university segment last month alone and has added many new universities, including: Dublin City University, The Edinburgh University, NHS Highland and John Hopkins All Children Hospital.

Alongside universities, we have signed up a host of organizations including Granshan Conference, Pacific Northwest PHP Conference and Red Exporty Events — they are using Dryfta to host their conferences for their various needs including selling tickets, abstract submission and peer review, email marketing, event website, accepting donations, creating badges & participation certificates and more.

DCU-logo ed-logo john-hopkins-hospital

We’ve invested a lot of resources in our platform. Be it in terms of user interactive design, or, state of the art features, and have brought aboard some of the best design and programming talent available. All of us together help Dryfta become the most preferred event management platform for event organizers.
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Use discount codes to increase ticket sales

Dryfta event platform now has a very extensive Discounts manager tool to create discount codes for ticket purchase so event organizers can increase their ticket sales.

discount code

To create a discount code, you simply add a unique code, choose discount type (percentage or amount), set quantity, set validity date and Save. That’s about it. Now simply share this discount code with your participants so they can purchase tickets on discounted price.

You can either create discount code which is valid for all users or can create them according to who your participants are viz.

  • If they are members of your event/conference
  • Group registrations
  • For those who buy multiple tickets
  • Registered on a particular date
  • or, according to the custom field type they have chosen during event registration.


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Accept Donations for your Non-profit Events through Stripe

Dryfta event platform now has one more tool for organizations and non profits to make their events and association memberships more fruitful.


Introducing Donations tool for organizations and non-profits to accept donations through credit card and PayPal. Donors can choose from preset donations or enter their own desired amount and proceed to donate using their credit card or PayPal account.

We recommend Stripe’s credit card processor because it charges less per transaction fee, is very organizer-friendly, and because we already have an integration built inside Dryfta, for Stripe, just like we have integration for PayPal, Authorize and 2Checkout.


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Launch contests to increase ticket sales & collect email addresses

Wish to increase ticket sales and also create a huge mailing list? Start a contest!

discount coupon

Here’s how it works

Ask your site visitors to submit their name & email addresses and then at the end of the contest, select a random submitter who would get a discount code which they can later use to purchase discounted tickets.

How do I set it up

To collect name and email addresses, you can embed Dryfta’s newsletter subscription widget. Get it from under your Subscribers list in Dryfta event platform.

To create discount codes for your tickets, use Discounts manager tool in your Dryfta platform, and share it with the random submitters you have chosen. The winners would use the discount code to purchase the tickets.

Who else does it

Skift Global Forum recently organized a similar contest and has collected a lot of email addresses while also improving their ticket sales!

Here’s a sample subscription widget (Embedded from our demo Dryfta platform)


Sell tickets on your event website using Stripe payment gateway

Less than 5 percent of the people have PayPal account, while more than 95 percent have credit cards. If your event website permits only PayPal, it will mean that most attendees will be unable to pay. In such a case the creation of your event website was pointless. Therefore, a credit card processor is necessary to facilitate all payments and not just PayPal.


We recommend Stripe’s credit card processor because it charges less per transaction fee, is very organizer-friendly, and because we already have an integration built inside Dryfta, for Stripe, just like we have integration for PayPal, Authorize and 2Checkout.

However, Stripe is only available in select few countries right now. So, if you operate out of a Non-Stripe country, here’s our suggestion:

If you or your acquaintance has a bank account and a physical business address in any of the following countries mentioned below, you can open a Stripe account and once activated, you will enter the provided credentials into Dryfta which will allow you to accept Credit Card payments on your Dryfta-powered event website. All your collected payments will be directly transferred to your bank account in that country.
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Reaching 50 Thousand Dollars in Ticket Sales

It is with immense gratitude that we share the news that the conferences hosted on Dryfta event platform have reached 50 Thousand dollars in combined ticket sales! This is a milestone to cherish and remember. We’re now more confident than ever to take on bigger events and conferences using the Dryfta event platform. Bring it on!

Ticket Sales

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