Attendance Recognition with Participation Certificate Builder

Dryfta event platform for academia & nonprofits

Recognizing participants for their roles and contributions is a crucial aspect of event management. Dryfta's latest updates to the Participation Certificate Builder aim to offer a more targeted and flexible approach to creating and distributing certificates. Here’s what’s new:

Role-Based Certificates

We've integrated the ability to generate distinct certificates based on user roles. Whether someone is a speaker, a moderator, or an attendee, the system will automatically present the certificate tailored to that role. If a participant holds a custom role, the certificate associated with that custom role will be prioritized.

Why This Matters

  • Personalization: Role-based certificates add a layer of personalization, acknowledging the specific contributions of each participant.

  • Efficiency: This automation eliminates the manual labor of sorting and distributing certificates based on roles.

Conditional Certificate Availability

Event administrators now have the option to set conditions for certificate availability. Participants can print or self-download their certificates only if they meet certain criteria, such as checking into a specific number of sessions, accumulating a set number of Continuing Education (CE) credits, or participating in a selected survey.


  • Incentivizes Engagement: By tying certificate availability to session attendance or CE credits, you encourage active participation.

  • Quality Assurance: Ensures that certificates are only distributed to those who have genuinely engaged with the event’s offerings.

Enhanced Personalization with Shortcodes and Survey Integration

The builder now includes a shortcode to display the "number of checked-in sessions" on personalized certificates. Additionally, you can associate a certificate with a completed survey, allowing participants to print their certificate right after completing the survey.

Practical Applications

  • Session Tracking: For educational or training events, this shortcode adds value by reflecting participant engagement levels.

  • Survey Incentives: The instant certificate availability upon survey completion can boost survey participation rates.


Q: How can I enable role-based certificates?

A: The option is available in the certificate builder under user role settings.

Q: Can I set multiple conditions for certificate availability?

A: Yes, you can combine session attendance, CE credits, and survey participation as conditions.

Q: Where do I find the new shortcode for checked-in sessions?

A: The shortcode is available within the certificate builder and can be easily inserted into the certificate template.

Q: How do participants access their conditional certificates?

A: Once the set conditions are met, participants will see an option to print or download their certificates.

Use Cases

  • Academic Conferences: Use role-based certificates to differentiate between speakers, poster presenters, and general attendees.

  • Professional Training Programs: Utilize the conditional availability feature to ensure that certificates are granted only to those who have completed the necessary training modules.

  • Feedback-Driven Events: Leverage the survey integration to incentivize feedback, which is crucial for event improvement.

In summary, these updates to Dryfta's Participation Certificate Builder offer a robust, flexible, and automated approach to certificate creation and distribution. The new features empower event organizers to issue more personalized, meaningful, and conditional certificates, thereby enhancing participant satisfaction and event quality.