The Pain Points that Dryfta Solves



A common approach to set up an academic or a nonprofit conference is to use an array of tools, e.g., WordPress, Eventbrite, Easychair, and Mailchimp. Then put your staff into multi-tasking mode and try to get your event off the ground.

What would it be like if you could access all of these features from a single platform, all fully integrated, making for a seamless, unified data flow? Dryfta event platform solves this issue of unstructured data flow caused primarily due to using one too many tools by offering a set of fully-integrated tools. Let’s see how Dryfta stacks up with each of these tools regarding features and functionality.

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Things that can be done using Dryfta Event Platform


Here’s a list of some of the things that you can do using Dryfta:

Send out invitations – Use the Email Broadcast tool to send email campaigns, send emails to selected contacts, view campaign reports etc.

Handle registration – Form builder allows you to build registration forms with custom fields you want.

Enable participants to pay their participation fee in advance from their credit cards – Payment settings under Basics lets you choose various payment methods including PayPal, Credit Card (you will need a payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout etc), Wire Transfer. We do not charge any fee on payments you collect. We only charge for the plan you purchase. See here:

Enables you to follow up with registration issues – Dryfta has event industry’s best event CRM to manage every details of your contact including his/her information, tickets, abstracts submitted and send private emails to your contacts.

Send further mails before the conference starts – You can send unlimited number of email campaigns as and when you want.

Apart from the above features, you also have the following tools at your disposal:

Abstract submissions & Peer reviews – If you are accepting abstract submissions and call for papers, then this is what you need. Allow authors to submit abstracts, assign them to reviewers to review them and then build an abstract book out of accepted abstracts automatically.

Participation Certificate Builder – Give your attendees a certificate of participation. You can customize your participation certificate like the way you want with event logo and signature. Our customers are loving it!

Event website themes – Design your own event website using beautiful themes. No HTML knowledge required. All you need to do is a few clicks and you are all set with your event website.

There’re more features which I wanted to mention here but I suggest you to explore your Dryfta platform and use them as per the need for your event.


Ship Early, Ship Often

Based on our roadmap and suggestions/feedback from our customers, we release a new feature or a feature update, doesnt matter how big or small, almost every week.

Ship Early, Ship Often
We have a page which notifies our customers of upcoming updates and past updates. That makes sure our customers know that we’re in this for the long haul and are continuously disrupting the event industry with our innovative features.

Ship early. Ship often.

Build Event Schedule for Your Conferences

Got workshops & presentations lined up for your conference? Get Dryfta Event Platform to add your programs including keynotes, lunch intervals and presentations.

It lets you to add workshops & presentations, rooms & session venues, multiple tracks, multiple formats, speakers and moderators, fetches abstract summary from accepted abstracts automatically and has a built-in session timing conflict prevention system.

Attendees are able to add these sessions to their personal schedule and also be able to check-in to these sessions, share these sessions on their social networks, share photos and engage in live discussions.

Here’s an example of what event organizers can build using Program Builder:

Program Schedule

If you have a feature request, we’re all ears. You can submit your feature requests on our support desk.

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Generate Participation Certificates for Attendees using Participation Certificate Builder

Conferences should show attendees the appreciation for participation in the event with printable certificates of participation awards. It will encourage them and make them feel special as well as boost their self esteem and acknowledge their commitment to the event or meeting.

But it takes a lot of time and resources to design and build the participation certificate for each and every individual attendee! So how can you design a Participation Certificate easily and beautifully for all attendees at once without wasting much of your precious time?

Presenting the Participation Certificate Builder.


Using Participation Certificate Builder, it takes less than 2 minutes to design and generate Participation certificates for all attendees. Upload your logo, add your Certificate title, enter the name of the event, add additional info, choose the usertype (attendee, speakers, moderators, reviewers etc), upload the signature of the authority, Save the information and finally click on Print Certificates button to print certificates for all attendees at once.

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