Venue Planning Checklist: Choosing the Right Destination for your Conference

Venue Planning Checklist


Planning a conference can prove to be both mentally and physically exhausting. What not, with all the scouting, organizing, budgeting, and execution, it’s not what anyone would consider a small feat. However, most people commonly struggle with one of the most crucial parts of planning the academic get-together, which is picking out the most suitable destination for their event.

The destination or location of your academic symposium could be the make or break factor for it. People are naturally inclined to take part in events or functions that give them the highest convenience and flexibility and this factor could affect the number of people who turn up to your academic meet. The only way to choose the best location for your meeting of minds would be to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and ask yourself a few questions.

β˜‘ #1 Does it Suit the Personality of the Group?

The style and behavior of the people on your guest list would be a good place to start when determining a location for your conferences. If your target guests are people who are aged 35 and above, it is most likely that they would prefer a quiet and relaxing venue over one that is buzzing with activity. Study the preferences that your guests may have and choose a location that can cater to a majority of the personality types of those on your guest list.

β˜‘ #2 Can it Accommodate the Guest List?

Find a location that is able to fit everyone that you are planning to invite. Do remember that it is always better to overestimate than to underestimate the turn up at your function. The last thing you need at an academic seminar, that could take hours at a time, is for some of your guests to be standing the whole time. Also, be sure that the venue and its management can be easily reached at any time in order to make any last minute seating changes, if needed.

β˜‘ #3 How are the Lodgings and Logistics?

Should you plan to have your academic convention in a different state or overseas, lodgings and logistics would be another matter to keep in mind. Your guests are, well, guests. There is no way that they can be expected to book their own hotels for the conference and organize their own transportation to where the conference would be taking place at. This just makes your planning seem sloppy and uncoordinated, which isn’t a good thing. Be sure to have hotels around the venue and plenty of public or private transportation options before you make the final decision.

β˜‘ #4 How Much will the Cost be?

As with every event, cost is also another thing that you’ll need to keep in mind. Try to look for options that are both affordable, have a decent service and amenities and can meet the main requirements of your guests. Don’t forget to scout for possible free transportation options that are offered with select hotels or mid-range inns which can help keep the logistics costs down.

β˜‘ #5 What Fun Things are there To Do?

Of course your guests are not going to be in the conference 24/7. Select a location that offers various options for your guests to have fun and unwind after a day of complex thought processes and learning. Bars or lounges would be a good default option for your guests to take a step back from academics and socialize. Besides that, any local attractions or museums nearby would be a good way for them to relax while learning something new about the locals and their culture.

It’s No Rocket Science

Picking out a location can seem like something you would need to pull out all your hair over, but it can be quite straightforward and simple when you know what you are looking for and how the location can tie in with the needs of your event and more importantly, that of your guests.

Step away from being an organizer for a moment and assess each location through the eyes of your guests. Look for amenities and convenience that they may need as well as preferred logistics options, while keeping your budget in mind. With those basics covered, filling in the minor details would be a breeze.